Apple iPhone 5 Armor Rindz

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  • armor rindz Full Body (Lemon Zest) for Apple iPhone 5
  • armor rindz Full Body (Tangerine Slice) for Apple iPhone 5
  • armor rindz Full Body (Pink Grapefruit) for Apple iPhone 5
  • armor rindz Full Body (Lime Juice) for Apple iPhone 5
  • armor rindz Full Body (Blue Citrus) for Apple iPhone 5


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Armor Rindz Protection

• Durable, Ultra-Thin, Stylish Protection
• Easy To Apply And Remove
• Strong PVC Based, Citrus Peel Textured Film
• Custom Designed
Includes ScreenGuardz UltraTough Screen Protection
• Lifetime Replacements
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Introducing Rindz, the newest addition to the BodyGuardz Armor line of protective skins. Rindz offers you that bright expressive style that you've always been looking for to protect your Apple iPhone 5. The fashion-forward side of you can hardly wait to get it while the responsible adult side of you is craving for a protector to preserve that expensive new Apple iPhone 5 you just bought. Rindz is the perfect solution to combine the two.

Offering you maximum protection for your Apple iPhone 5 while still allowing you to add a little flavor and style. Not only do the color options make you want to buy one of each, but the smooth rippled texture causes your senses to question whether you're holding your Apple iPhone 5 or a real piece of citrus fruit. Finally a protector with an 'orange peel' effect that's completely intentional. BodyGuardz Armor Rindz, a colorful new solution to protect your Apple iPhone 5.

Looking for a new slim way to protect your favourite device while adding a splash of colour and personality? BodyGuardz has you and your device covered with their new Armor Rindz skins.

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