earjax Bump Series earbuds

  • earjax Bump Series - Gray and Silver with mic
  • earjax Bump Series - Pink with Silver accent


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Included in the Box

• Tube and lanyard (Bump Series - Pink with Silver accent)
• Felt Pouch (Bump Series - Gray and Silver with mic)
• Clip
• earjax sticker decals
• Multi-tip fit kit:
    • S,M,L, standard tips
    • S,M, L, transparent
    • Med. three-tiered tips


Premium earbuds for less. Outstanding frequency response, sensitivity, and impedence ensure you hear more of your music without breaking the bank.

Bump boasts 32 ohms of sensitivity wrapped in the smallest of the Earjax models. You'll be amazed that such incredibly crisp sound, fantastic treble, and deep bass can come out of such a little device. Like our Tonic buds, Bump features a full suite of silicone tips, providing a comfortable fit in virtually any ear and comfortably blocking outside noise to give you the maximum listening experience every time. And don’t forget the handy black aluminum tube and lanyard that come inside the package, helping to keep your buds safe and close by.

On models that include an inline microphone, take phones calls with the click of a button and marvel at how the person on the line has no idea you’re speaking through a headphone. Talk in the car without holding the phone up to your ear, and when the call is over switch seamlessly back to your music without missing a beat.


Speaker Type:
• High-Def mini speaker
Speaker Diameter:
• 10mm
Freq. Response:
• 18 Hz - 23kHz
Power Handling:
• 3 mW
• 102 dB 1mW
• 32 ohm
Cable Type:
• Rubber (PVC)
Plug Type:
• Aluminum, gold-plated

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