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BodyGuardz has been a family business since it began in 2002, and since then that family has grown to include many of the most talented professionals in the industry. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing exceptional products and services, and BodyGuardz thrives because of their hard work.

Check out the BodyGuardz Blog to learn more about us. Every week we post articles that each of us write, on topics like technology, what's happening around the BodyGuardz office, and much more.

April Kirk Dain Bryce Todd Terry Stone
 Lyndsay Berry Meghan Allred Whitney Pye Nick Christensen
Ben Kearney Cody Birkinshaw Chris Witham Alycia Feller Daniel Dean Alfred Quinn
Meena Brittany Ashley Christina Kris Tanner
Dianna Nick Adamson Lilly Wagner Kylie Gregerson Elizabeth Pinzon Justin Gregerson
Edna Villasenor Edna Villasenor Edna Villasenor
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