Use the best-selling tempered glass screen protection on the market

Chemically Strengthened Tempered Glass

Extreme impact & scratch protection

Reduces fingerprints and smudges

Perfect clarity and touch sensitivity


Just wanted to write to let you know that you have one of the most amazing screensavers I have ever seen. I drove over my iPhone with my skidster which weighs 12,000 pounds and when I looked at my I phone afterwards your screensaver was shattered but my phone was in perfect shape...You have an amazing product.

Gary P.
Mankato, MN

I just wanted to take time out of my day to thank you for an amazing product. Through your had work & creativity, you’ve come up with a product that will save the screens of all phones.

As you can see from my replacement glass, your product has saved my Galaxy Note II & also my wallet. For that I want to say thanks. Your Pure Glass line of products took the full effect of the blow & left my phone without a scratch.

Keep up the creative thinking!

Lucas G.

When I bought my wife an iPhone 5, I knew she was pretty tough on her phones, throwing them in her purse, having them near when putting on makeup and hair products. I wanted to protect my investment. The Pure screen protector has done everything I expected it to and beyond! After several months, she dropped her phone and ended up with a super thin crack through the screen. She was concerned it was the actual screen and not the protector. Well, the screen protector took the hit and the screen itself was fine! I wasn't hesitant at all to order another one through the advantage program, saving money, and getting unmatched protection once again!

Jay S.
Lancaster, PA

Bodyguardz has to be the best product out there as far as screen protection. Couple that with amazing customer service and you're WINNING!!


The whole family uses these on our iPhones. It has saved all our screens multiple times, that's why the replacement program is so great. Don't be scared off by the initial price because it's better than paying for a new screen or phone. Worth the money, a must have for your iPhones!

San Francisco, CA

I don’t always use screen protectors, but when I do, I use BodyGuardz.

Ryan K.


The science behind pure

The Perfect Thickness

We begin with a .4mm thick glass. This thickness has been found to offer the maximum amount of shock protection, while still being thin enough to be inconspicuous.


The glass is then tempered through a process that rapidly heats, then cools the glass; making it far harder and stronger than normal glass.

Chemically Treated

The glass is then strengthened further by a chemical surface-finishing process, adding up to 8 times more strength.

Naturally Healed Edges

Finally, the glass is cut by a sand-blasting process that results in strong, naturally healed edges; free from micro-fractures and flaws that result from hand-bevelling the edges


At BodyGuardz, we stand behind our products 110%, so you can have peace of mind knowing that every ScreenGuardz Pure is backed by award-winning customer service, and a lifetime replacement program unlike any other.


The customer service team at BodyGuardz is dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied, and it shows. They were recently awarded the International Service Excellence Award.

If there is anything at all you need, we are available by phone, email, live chat, and even social media. Visit our Support page to learn more!

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