earjax Gig Series earbuds


earjax Gig Series earbuds

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  • earjax Gig Series - Black with Black accent
  • earjax Gig Series - White with Silver accent


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Included in box

• Gig earbuds
• S,M,L standard tips
• Felt Pouch

Affordable audio that doesn't sacrifice sound quality to stay within budget.

A game-changing offering, Gig offers uncompromised audio at an entry-level price. Delivering crisp bass and a full frequency range while eliminating all the external noise and nonsense, Gig is a great choice for cost-conscious customers who don’t want to sacrifice sound quality to stay within budget.

Though not featuring all the accessories of our other models, Gig still includes 3 sizes of tips as well as a sleek felt carrying pouch. Durable enough to outlast any competitor in its class, Gig is a great value all the way around.


Speaker Type:
• High-Def mini speaker
Speaker Diameter:
• 6mm
Freq. Response:
• 20 Hz - 23kHz
Power Handling:
• 3 mW
• 99 dB 1mW
• 10 ohm
Cable Type:
• Rubber (PVC)
Plug Type:
• Aluminum, gold-plated

“I have tried to buy inexpensive earbuds before but never with much luck, so I ordered Earjax Gigs and another name brand with a similar price. I tested both on the same MP3 player and the Gigs sound much better. What a great difference! Great buy.“
“I have not found a pair of earphones that fit or sounded like this. I would recommend Earjax to anyone.“

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