earjax Tonic Series earbuds


earjax Tonic Series earbuds

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  • earjax Tonic Series - Green with Silver accent
  • earjax Tonic Series - Sliver with Black accent


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Included in the Box

• Tonic earbuds
• Tube and lanyard
• Clip
• earjax sticker decals
• Multi-tip fit kit:
    • S,M,L, standard tips
    • S,M, L, transparent
    • Med. three-tiered tips

Hyper-sensitive, efficient drivers designed for optimum sound that's easy on your device's battery.

Encased in anodized aluminum housing, Tonic delivers crystal-clear highs, perfectly-low lows, and everything in between - just like it should be. Tonic’s hyper-sensitive drivers are designed for optimum sound, whether you’re listening to a symphony orchestra or watching a fast-action movie.

Featuring a full suite of silicone tips, Tonic fits comfortably in even the smallest of ears and comfortably blocks outside noise to give you the maximum listening experience every time. And don’t forget the handy silver aluminum tube and lanyard that come inside the package, helping to keep your buds safe and close by.


Speaker Type:
• High-Def mini speaker
Speaker Diameter:
• 10mm
Freq. Response:
• 20 Hz - 20kHz
Power Handling:
• 3 mW
• 102 dB 1mW
• 16 ohm
Cable Type:
• Rubber (PVC)
Plug Type:
• Aluminum, gold-plated

“I was impressed with these headphones. Good clear sound. No static. I tried them with both music and movies with the same results. Very good product for the money.“
“The Earjax are fantastic. I put them in at the beginning of the run and never had to mess with them during. They are also very clear, which is even better.“

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