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Samsung Galaxy S5


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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5: New Versions

The technology world has been holding its breath to see what the New Year would have in store for the smartphone market. In particular, Samsung fans have been looking forward to the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Many are thrilled to see how well the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone performs, even compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4. The launch took place in February at MWC, and the phone was released in April.

There were only slight changes in the Galaxy lineup, requiring a Galaxy S5 screen protector to be slightly larger in size to accommodate a new screen size. Samsung has made the Galaxy S5 available in 4 different colors:

1.Electric blue

2.Copper gold

3. Shimmery white

4. Charcoal black

In accordance with Samsung’s usual pricing, the Samsung Galaxy S5 pricing has been set similar to last year’s pricing for the Galaxy S4, putting the S5 somewhere around $650 without a cellular plan.

Hardware to Die for with the Galaxy S5 Phone

The best improvements have been made to the Galaxy S5’s new hardware. Samsung is known to take no prisoners when it comes to improving hardware, and the S5 fared no differently. The new features include:

• Larger Screen Size: The S5 screen is 5.1 inches. This takes the phone even closer to the phablet range, although it isn’t quite as large as the Galaxy Note 3. The bezels have also been reduced significantly, although not done away with completely.

• Increased Resolution: The resolution of the AMOLED screen has been increased to 2560x1440 pixels or 1440.

• Different Casing: With the Galaxy F, the metal casing will change how the S5 reacts to stress and being dropped.

• Improved Processor and CPU: Because Apple is the main competitor with Samsung, a 64-bit CPU is necessary to compete with the iPhone 5S market. The processor chosen for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Snapdragon 800 SoC processor. Competition has yet to match the speed of this new processor, and Snapdragon 800 packs a serious punch. In addition to the new processor, Samsung added a feature known as Download Booster, which allows users to simultaneously use power from LTE and WiFi to boost loading speed.

New Technology in the Galaxy S5

Outside of the new processor, it’s important to note what Samsung added to this generation of the Galaxy phone. There are two major changes that take this smartphone to the next level:

• Improved Camera: Samsung improved the camera from a 13 MP lens to a 16 MP lens. With the increased pixel count, there is optical image stabilization, which improves the sharpness of the image, and a CMOS image sensor, which improves the richness and hue of an image. There is also a feature called Fast Auto Focus, which allows you to achieve focused action shots in a split second.

• Fingerprint Scanner: Samsung did a great job in adding a much-requested fingerprint scanning security feature. The screen recognizes your fingerprint and allows you and only you to unlock your phone.

• Health 3.0: Along with system updates to Samsung’s interface TouchWiz, the telecomm company added a feature called Health 3.0 to aid with exercise, diet, and weight tracking. It allows you to take your vitals using your phone, and it can aid in weight loss or maintaining your health.

New Phone, New Galaxy S5 Protection

Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases: Samsung Galaxy S5 case protection both prevents your phone from experiencing serious damage and helps you customize your smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Skins: Skins are similar to cases in that they protect the exterior of your phone, but they are less bulky and heavy.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Protector: Finding a screen protector for Galaxy S5 is extremely important to your phone’s functionality. If the screen breaks, there is very little likelihood that the phone will still function. There are several different kinds of Galaxy S5 glass screen protection: a glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S5, or a tough plastic screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S5 are just two options. With a Samsung Galaxy S5 glass screen protector, you can have a protected screen with minimal visual impact.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories: Accessories are part of the fun when you buy a new smartphone. Finding a Bluetooth speaker or special headphones will make your music experience that much more powerful.

Bodyguardz Offers the Ultimate Device Protection
for Your Samsung Galaxy S5

Whether you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy S5 Cover or a glass screen protector, Samsung Galaxy S5 gear can be found at Bodyguardz. You can make your own selection of Screenguardz for Samsung Galaxy S5, or purchase a glass screen protector. If you’re more of an iPhone fan, check out our selection of iPhone 6 cases and Bluetooth speakers for iPhone. To find your Samsung Galaxy S5 screen protector, check out Bodyguardz today!