Apple iPhone 4/4S Shelter Cases (AT&T Verizon, & Sprint)


Apple iPhone 4/4S Shelter Cases (AT&T Verizon, & Sprint)

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  • Licorice (Black on Black)      
  • Vanilla Bean (Black on White)      
  • Black Cherry (Black on Red)      
  • Cotton Candy (Pink on Purple)      
  • Mint (Blue on White)      
  • Royal Punch (Bright Blue on White)      
  • Blueberry Twist (Navy on White)      
  • Key Lime (Green on Light Green)      


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Package Includes

• 1 BodyGuardz Shelter Case
• 1 ScreenGuardz HD Anti-Glare PET Screen Protector
• 1 Cleaning Cloth
• Material Body: Rigid Polycarbonate
• Interior+Exterior: Soft TPE rubber over-mold to provide an anti scratch barrier and enhanced sound from speakers
• Advantage Replacements
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Shelter is a one of a kind case specifically designed by engineers to protect the iPhone 4/4S from scratches and dents.

This case combines two high quality materials into one seamless shield of protection that is as elegant as it is protective.The soft rubber allows for the case to be easily put on and removed. The rigid material provides a stiff protective shield to offer impact resistance and a comfortable feel.

Protection Redefined, Shelter from the Elements


- Maximum coverage
- Raised edges to protect screen frm direct contact with surfaces
- Superior Construction
- Improves grip

- Ultra thin
- Form fitted design
- Top Quality materials
- Interchangeable and available in multiple colors

- Access to all buttons and ports
- Allows charging with case on
- Easy to slip on and off
- Enhances iPhone 4/4S usage
- Designed to enhance speaker usage"

"The use of both hard polycarbonate along with soft TPE makes for a case that not only provides a good deal of protection but one that’s easy to take on and off yet fits absolutely perfect when it’s on. If you’ve been looking for a new case for your iPhone and you want something that’s sleek and stylish yet ultra protective you’ll most definitely want to check out the BodyGuardz Shelter case."

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