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What’s Next for Apple: The New Apple iPhone 6

With the recent release of the iPhone 5S, the rumors concerning Apple have shifted focus to the next hot topic: the Apple iPhone 6. Although it is just speculation at this point, many experts predict that the iPhone 6 will be available in a larger screen size, allowing Apple to compete with its Android counterparts – namely the Galaxy and HTC One. With the screen playing such a heavy role in the iPhone 6’s impending success, those upgrading to the next iPhone will definitely want to consider finding an Apple iPhone 6 screen protector.

With any smartphone that relies so heavily on touchscreen technology, it’s vital to provide iPhone protection however you can. Knowing the next iPhone’s new features and capabilities will give you an idea of what kind of Apple iPhone 6 accessories you might need.

Probable Features of the iPhone 6

With the screen size of the latest iPhone under so much scrutiny, experts have been guessing that the size most likely for the iPhone 6 screen will be 4.8 inches diagonally. There has also been conjecture that there will be an extra-large and miniature version of the iPhone 6. However, some are skeptical that Apple will attempt to enter the “phablet” market at this stage.
There has also been speculation about the casing that will be used for this new addition to the iPhone family. Because the screen might have a more curved, wraparound shape, the casing will need to be more durable. LiquidMetal, a new alloy material, has been mentioned in several different reports as a possibility, making the iPhone more durable and more secure from tampering.
With the iPhone 5S providing the improvement in speed that Apple fans have been clamoring for, the iPhone 6 will probably offer another boost in speed and efficiency. The processor will most likely be a quad-core A7 or A8, which could help increase battery life due to speed. There are conflicting opinions on the operating system, with some experts skeptical of iOS 8 being released at the same time as the iPhone 6. Others believe that the iPhone 6 will require an operating system upgrade to accommodate all its new features.

Other features that have been discussed include:

• 13 MP Camera – This may vary slightly, but Apple is likely to continue improvements to their camera capabilities.

• Retina Display + IGZO – This is a feature created by Sharp that would give the display better clarity and brightness, as well as making it thinner. The resolution would appear better than high-definition.

• NFC – NFC is a feature that would allow the TouchID capability to access bank information so that you can authenticate payments with your thumbprint. Some experts think this capability will show up a little further down the road.

• Facial Recognition and Gesture Control – This is a feature that is already available on the Galaxy S4, but Apple would likely streamline it and make it their own.

• Wireless or Solar Charging – A popular rumor is that Apple will streamline wireless charging so that you can charge multiple devices at one time. Another rumor that seems less likely, although not impossible, is that of solar charging.

iPhone 5s Camera

Apple iPhone 6 Pricing and Release Information

The release date for the iPhone 6 phone has been a subject of debate ever since the 5S was released in September 2013. It seems unlikely that Apple would release the iPhone 6 before June 2014. If that is the case, Apple’s release would conveniently draw attention away from the Samsung Galaxy release in June 2014. Other experts think September 2014 is more likely for the Apple iPhone 6 phone release. Either way, it’s likely to be released sometime next year, although how well it will be received is still up in the air.

Some experts have indicated that Apple’s pricing could change in order to compete with their lower-priced competitors. It’s difficult to tell at this point, but it would give them another competitive edge.

Apple iPhone 5s image

Many consumers are probably wondering how the iPhone 5S will compare to the iPhone 6. Considering that most experts see a significant change in the Apple iPhone’s appearance and design, the iPhone 6 is unlikely to resemble the iPhone 5S in appearance. Performance might be similar, but it’s likely that the Apple iPhone 6 battery life will be longer than that of the iPhone 5S.

The home button is one feature that has the potential for a significant change from previous models. Currently, on the iPhone 5S, the home button is placed on the lower part of the phone, below the touchscreen. Some experts say that the home button could get moved to the side, to make room for the larger screen, while others say Apple might do away with the home button altogether.

While many features will likely be seeing some sort of change, there are a couple of features that will stay the same:

• Lightning Connector – Apple is unlikely to change the power cord connector for a few more generations. However, it won’t be as necessary to charging and updating your phone with wireless charging and cloud updates.

• Touch ID – As a relatively new feature made available with the iPhone 5S, Touch ID will probably stick around, but Apple will probably add several new applications to its capabilities.

apple iPhone 6 touch id

The Essentials: iPhone 6 Protection Accessories

With a new iPhone, protection is necessary. As the iPhone 6 is likely to be larger in size, it could potentially become more difficult to protect. It could be too large to carry in your pocket, or it may just be a little more unwieldy in your hand. Whatever the case, you’ll need iPhone 6 protection to prevent unnecessary expense down the road.

Apple iPhone 6 case protection – Phone cases for Apple iPhone 6 phones are probably essential if you tend to drop your phone a lot. You can choose from a wide variety available online or in stores. Apple iPhone 6 armor is another option if the case option seems too flimsy. There is also an Apple iPhone 6 cover that allows you to keep wallet contents in the same place as your phone, which is convenient when you want to travel light.

Apple iPhone 6 skins – For the less accident-prone, a skin may be a better option than a case. It’s relatively easy to have a custom iPhone 6 skin made, allowing you to customize your phone’s appearance to match your personality.

Apple iPhone 6 glass screen protection – Buying an Apple iPhone 6 screen protector is a wise investment for your brand new phone. Due to the projected changes for the iPhone 6, a screen protector for iPhone 6 phones will likely look much different from those fitted to the iPhone 5S. There are plenty of options available, with most vendors offering a heavy duty screen protector or a print-free screen protector. And with an anti-glare screen protector, Apple iPhone 6 screens aren’t so obscured by direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. You may also want to consider a tempered-glass screen protector for Apple iPhone 6 phones to maintain the clarity of their retina displays.

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