iPhone 11 Pro Max Skins | BodyGuardz®

Phone 11 Pro Max UltraTough® skins by BodyGuardz are tougher than they have ever been and are specifically designed to provide complete coverage. These skins include a unique, self-healing polymer for the ultimate in smartphone protection.

Why Rely on UltraTough Self-Healing Skins?

Self-healing polyurethane elastomer, designed by chemical engineers, includes molecular structures of self-healing polymers that mimic the functions of naturally-healing organisms.

As an artificially-engineered polymer, self-healing polyurethane skins exhibit a high degree of responsiveness to environmental impact. When you run a sharp edge along the material, creating a ridge, you can watch the scratch disappear as the spaces between the urethane molecules realign.

This advanced, engineered polymer can absorb dents, scratches, and tears from sharp objects. Its unique molecular makeup gives BodyGuardz UltraTough skins a durable structure that is designed to maintain transparency and flexibility.

1) Shield Protection Without Heavy Cases

Virtually indestructible in nature, BodyGuardz UltraTough skins provide best-in-class shield protection. We rely on highly durable polyurethane material that maintains its strength in both hot and cold temperatures.

Skins for the iPhone 11 Pro Max offer an ultra-strong coating that maintains transparency without the need for a heavy case. This makes our skins ideal for those who want a minimalist look and plan to show off the natural design of their smartphones.

2) Custom-Cut Fit with Edge-to-Edge Coverage

The dimensions of the iPhone 11 Pro Max are considerably larger than any previous generation iPhones. The design offers a wider viewing area with better resolution than ever before.

On top of that, the BodyGuardz polyurethane UltraTough skin allows iPhone lovers to preserve the integrity of their screens and glass-backs using the wrap to gain edge-to-edge coverage with absolutely no gaps.

Every BodyGuardz skin is custom-cut for the exact dimensions of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, so you’ll never be left unprotected.

3) A Lifetime of Replacements

BodyGuardz believes in lifelong protection—especially if it means preserving the resale value and the original functionality of your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

UltraTough skins come with our lifetime replacement promise and our 30-day money back guarantee. While we’re committed to protecting your smartphone, we also want to preserve your investment in a BodyGuardz skin.

4) Flexible Film Resists Scratches and Cracks

Screen protectors and cases are great—but they’re not the only form of protection available. For users who love the tactile curves of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, we’re with you!

Use the uniformly flexible BodyGuardz UltraTough skin for a more natural touch all around while enjoying protection against scratches, tears, and cracks.

Get Skin-Deep Protection With BodyGuardz Skins for iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max features a front and back completely crafted from glass. BodyGuardz skins for the iPhone 11 Pro Max provide the ultimate device protection for users who understand how important it is to preserve their iPhone’s functionality and look.

Innovative materials such as self-healing polyurethane give our skins a high level of performance when it comes to everyday impact situations. Minimize glare, enjoy unique flexibility, and resist scratches, nicks, and tears using BodyGuardz UltraTough skins for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.