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Privacy ScreenGuardz for Apple iPhone 6s

Privacy ScreenGuardz for Apple iPhone 6s

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4-way Protected Viewing

The ScreenGuardz Privacy protectors are custom designed to protect your screen from wandering eyes. Easy to apply and remove, the ultra-slim privacy film overlays conceal your data while protecting your device screen from scratches.

Keep your private information away from those sitting near you.
Scratch protection
Perfect for travelers commuters or those in crowded environments.


Privacy ScreenGuardz for Apple iPhone 6

• 1 ScreenGuardz screen protectors
• 1 Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
• Easy to apply & remove
• Application instructions
• Privacy from all 4 directions

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Our ScreenGuardz Privacy protectors not only protect your phone from wandering eyes, but also prevent scratches on your screen. This iPhone 6s protective screen provides privacy from all 4 directions, so the image on your screen stays truly confidential.

Protect Your iPhone 6s with BodyGuardz

The new iPhone 6s took the world by storm with record-breaking sales and an exterior design that was just as appealing as its capabilities. The larger screen, improved graphics, and thin profile also come with a higher price tag that makes repairing a damaged phone more costly than ever. Traditionally, better protection for your smartphone meant dealing with bulky cases and frustrating plastic screen protectors. But BodyGuardz has changed that. With our state of the art iPhone 6s screen protectors, you can get all the protection you want without the bulk. Enjoy the sleek, smooth design of your new phone without having to worry about scratches, dents, cracks, and shattering.

iPhone 6s Screen Protection for Every Lifestyle

At BodyGuardz, we offer a different level of iPhone 6s screen protection for every lifestyle. Whether your phone barely gets used or nearly faces destruction every day, we have a solution that will keep your phone protected for life.

Available in two styles:

ScreenGuardz Pure combines extreme impact and scratch protection with crystal clear clarity and an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smudges.

ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare combines extreme impact and scratch protection with innovative anti-glare reduction and a smooth matte finish that minimizes the appearance of fingerprints.

*IMPORTANT* ScreenGuardz Pure is made of chemically strengthened tempered glass but can chip if it comes in contact with hard objects or is dropped on its edge. A case will help minimize chipping. Use caution when removing or repositioning Pure as the adhesive is intended for one time use. Be careful not to use excessive force when removing as this can damage the screen protector.
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Privacy ScreenGuardz for Apple iPhone 6s