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iPhone 6 Protection

Protecting New iPhones: Stay One Step Ahead

A lot of chatter is surrounding the next generation iPhone and what Apple has in store for the future release of the iPhone 6. Expected in fall-2014, the iPhone 6 will most likely feature a larger screen size and improved processor. To compete with Samsung and LG smartphones, Apple will have to increase screen sizes
to entice enough consumers.

Although sapphire screens were originally expected to be included in the iPhone 6, it’s now less likely that we will see sapphire screens in 2014. While the question of a sapphire screen is still up in the air, Apple iPhone 6 protection is still an issue that iPhone users should be concerned about. While the current iPhone models hold up well, they still break easily under duress or when dropped.

Different Types of Protection

There are three different types of protection for the Apple iPhone 6 that you should consider when the iPhone 6 comes out:

• iPhone 6 Skins & Armor - If you want to retain the slim build of an iPhone, it’s best to use light armor like a skin to protect your phone’s casing. There are textured or customizable skins that allow you to gear the phone’s appearance towards your own personal preferences.

• iPhone 6 Screen Protection - The screen of your iPhone is the most important surface, because the screen is how you use the device. Since some changes are likely to occur to the screen of the new iPhone, it’s important to keep it protected. If the screen is shattered or scratched, it may not function properly. Using an iPhone 6 screen protector can help.

• iPhone 6 Cases - Apple iPhone 6 cases are important if you carry your iPhone around a lot and make no effort to put it in a pocket or a bag. Cases will protect your phone from a lot of damage, especially if you tend to drop smartphones. You can also find cases that have additional grip. There are plenty of options to choose from, and at a reasonable price, too.

Customize Your iPhone 6 Protection

BodyGuardz, the Ultimate in Device Protection, can help keep your iPhone protected, no matter your circumstances. BodyGuardz is offering premier Apple iPhone 6 protection when the iPhone 6 is released later in 2014.

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