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LG V30 / V35 ThinQ UltraTough® Clear Skins™ Full-Body Protector

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UltraTough® Clear Skins Full Body


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Crystal Clear Full-Body Protection

BodyGuardz UltraTough Clear Skins provides the ultimate full-body protection for your LG V30. Made of self-healing material used to shield the front of vehicles from rock chips, this comprehensive phone and screen protector provides unprecedented scratch protection. Everyday use and wear is no match for UltraTough Clear SkinsThe ClearFavorite.

Scratch protection
Flexible Film


• Custom-cut, full-body urethane film to precisely fit your LG V30
• Unbelievably clear protection you will barely notice
• Wraps around the full-body and screen of your phone
• One complete set per box
• Free Lifetime Replacements
• 30-Day Return Policy advantage program

We highly recommend protecting your new device with BodyGuardz Ultratough Clear Skins for LG V30—the best in screen protector design and innovation. Clear Skins are top-of-the-line scratch defense with amazing product guarantees and lifetime protection.

The screen of your LG V30 will be preserved with Clear Skins edge-to-edge protection. Clear Skins for your LG V30 is thin and optically clear. Scratches disappear like magic—thanks to its self-healing urethane film that makes it practically indestructible. Like the shields vehicle manufacturers use to protect their products from stones and other road hazards, BodyGuardz UltraTough Clear Skins are the same durable protection for your phone.

BodyGuardz UltraTough Clear Skins for LG V30 are extremely durable, tough, and always custom cut to fit your device. They can be applied dry or with an application gel.

Every BodyGuardz purchase includes the Advantage Program, offering you additional protection and a warranty for your UltraTough Clear Skins protector. Click here to learn more or to register your product.

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