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Anyone who keeps up with the latest technology news knows the release of the iPhone 6 is just around the corner (likely September, 2014). This small fact explains why the iPhone 6 anti-glare screen protector, and other iPhone 6 screen protection, is being promoted to anyone thinking about buying this new iPhone model. After all, you can’t buy a new iPhone without buying the new iPhone protection to go with it.

It’s no secret that Apple will always continue to improve and refine each of its latest iPhones, so why buy the new iPhone 6 if there’s going to be an iPhone 7 or 8 after it? There are actually several perks to purchasing the latest iPhone instead of waiting for years to update your current iPhone.

For instance, if you decide to buy the new iPhone 6, you’ll reap the benefits (such as a larger screen, better resolution, and a faster processing chip) of the improvements made to this particular model. Plus, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of an iPhone, such as the following, on a newer, sleeker, more updated design

• User-friendly and aesthetically appealing interface
• Thousands of apps in the App Store
• Quick access to email, calendar, reminders
• GPS system that gets you directions in seconds
• High-quality camera and video
• Access to thousands of songs on iTunes or Spotify

These are only a few of the many benefits of owning an iPhone. That’s why, if you’re thinking of buying the iPhone 6, it’s important to invest in Apple iPhone 6 screen protection. If you don’t buy an Apple iPhone 6 screen protector, you could risk damaging the screen and ultimately your ability to enjoy the many benefits of owning an iPhone 6. Protection for the Apple iPhone 6 is a must if you’re going to purchase this new iPhone.

Why it’s Important to Protect Your iPhone

As briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, buying an iPhone 6 screen protector or any sort of iPhone body protector will keep your phone from getting both minor and serious damage. iPhone 6 cases, iPhone 6 skins, and iPhone 6 screen protectors will all keep the screen or body of your phone from doing the following:

• Cracking • Shattering • Chipping

• Getting dents and dings • Getting scratches and scrapes

Fortunately, BodyGuardz offers the ultimate device protection for the iPhone 6. Whether you’re looking for iPhone 6 accessories, or any type of iPhone 6 screen protection, we’ve got it. In fact, one of our top screen protection products for the iPhone 6 is the Apple iPhone 6 anti-glare screen protector. If you decide to buy this particular screen protector for your new iPhone, you can expect the following benefits

• Glass screen protection • Precision surface etching to reduce glare

• Clear matte finish to reduce fingerprints • Extreme impact and scratch protection

• Etchings yield clarity and never wear off

If you want the best anti-glare screen protection available, buy our anti-glare screen protector. iPhone 6 users will love being able to use their new phones in the bright sunlight or in a bright room. Not only that, they’ll love knowing their phones are also safely protected against cracks, dents, and scratches.

Order Your Screen Protection Products from BodyGuardz Today

If you’re interested in purchasing an iPhone 6 tempered glass protector, an iPhone 6 anti-glare screen protector, or any other type of screen protector, visit our online store. BodyGuardz has the best iPhone 6 screen protection you will be able to find. Contact us or order your product today by visiting