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Apple iPad 2 Screen Protection

Apple iPad 2 Screen Protection

Product Review (submitted on April 15, 2011):
For those you that didn't buy the SC along with your brand new iPad 2 then this is a must have until your get a case or a SC. Installation is easy(use a good amount of solution) this is the only way to get a perfect install. Make sure you watch the video b4 attempting. A good install is determined by a few things, lint free area, no pet hair, no dust or dirt and make sure your hands and finger tips are clean and have solution on then at all time. Start out with the back piece as a test to see how the material reacts. Just remember to have some scotch tape Incase there are hair or debris under the skin. Once aligned spray the front of the shield before using the sqeegy, this will allow the squeegee to glide over the surface w/o stretching the skin.

I use the FB kit on mine in additional to the SC and the combination is awesome. I can take it easy and know my device is always protected. It also gives you all around coverage. Keep in mind that once you have the skin sit on device for more than 5mins then you can't readjust w/o damaging the skin. If you do have to life up the shield always make sure your fingers are moist and spray the shield again.

The shield doesn't affect the touch screen. It is as if you didn't have anything on the device.