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Apple iPad 2 Armor Carbon Fiber

Apple iPad 2 Armor Carbon Fiber

Product Review (submitted on May 15, 2011):
Since I found out about BG they have been my #1 choice and they've come through with a great product for almost all your mobile devices. I got my iPad 2 on launch day- " Part of a special group that did not have to wait in inline with all oher customers and this was exactly what I was looking for. You may see other copies that claim to be similar but part of their installation process included using a warm to hot blow dryer to soften the edges to curve around the curves of this device....we all know it to be very curvy. With this back your iPad 2 will certainly stand out from the masses.

Installation was easy from the " get." The video made it really easy for you to visualize the install yourself. Follow the directions and your won't be let down. I chose to go with the white as it goes with my theme even though I have the black bezel'd one. The white one looked too much like a toy.

Don't go with immittators who say they offer the same thing, after all I did not have to sit there with a blow dryer in my hands blowing hot air to soften the corner. I did because I wanted a perfect fit and was willing to take a little more time but you do not have to for a near perfect install.
I would however divide the skin in 3 slabs when installing, peel back 1/3 at a time to make sure you are alighned before removing the whole backing. It's much easier to lift up 1/3 at a time rather then trying to peel off a whole sheet.