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Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Our customers have helped create this company from day one. We genuinely listen and without them and their feedback we would not be able to develop and improve our industry leading products.

/ Kirk Feller, President & CEO

On a daily basis, we receive stories from our customers about how our products have protected their device from some sort of catastrophe. These stories make all our hard work over the past 12 years worth it. There's no doubt in my mind that we have the best fans in the industry. Thank you!

/ Whitney Pye, Director of ECommerce

BodyGuardz customers understand the idea of the Pure and what it is designed for. We receive messages from our Fanz on a daily basis that are beyond relieved that the Pure saved their brand new device from damage. Our customers are like family, without them BodyGuardz would not be possible.

/ Brittany Boxx, Insider Sales Manager

The customers are the best part of my job at BodyGuardz. When I hear that one of our products saved someone’s phone or tablet I couldn't be happier. It’s great to be a part of a company that makes people happy!

/ Ryan Bennion, Digital Marketing Manager

We were in Disneyland recently with the company. A man noticed my shirt with BodyGuardz on it and stopped me. He had to show me his phone with our Pure product on it and how much he loved our products. He wanted to get a picture taken with me when he found out that I was one of the owners. I love making people happy and protecting their devices.

/ April Feller, Co-Founder

Our customers are who drive us to be better each day. From new products to new processes, it is the customer that pushes us to the next level. We thank all of our loyal customers for all they do to help us make BodyGuardz the "The Ultimate Device Protection".

/ Dain Hodson, Vice President & COO