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iPhone 13 Pro Cases

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iPhone 13 Pro Cases

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With the advanced features available from the iPhone 13 Pro, this piece of smart tech can meet the demands of the modern-day smartphone user. Protect your investment. Get peace of mind and an enhanced smartphone experience with an iPhone 13 Pro case from BodyGuardz. With various protection technologies and style choices, the perfect case is waiting for you. Need help? This shopping guide will help you pick your case.

Premium Protection for a Premium Device

You don’t want to skimp when it comes to protecting your iPhone 13 Pro. But, to some extent, what counts as premium protection depends on personal preference. All our cases have a pocket friendly design—some of them are slimmer, while others prioritize a higher drop-protection rating. The Carve case offers an ultra-low profile with a textured edge and a great grip. The Score offers unmatched protection with a raised bumper, ergonomic design and responsive buttons. All our cases include strong stain resistance and antimicrobial performance.

Get Pro-Style Battery Performance and Capacity with MagSafe

Fans of the iPhone 13 Pro are looking for a high-end smartphone experience. You’ll already have a little more battery capacity than the iPhone 12 Pro, but it may not be enough for heavy use and power-hungry apps. One great way to get the most out of your battery is to use a MagSafe charger with one of our specially-designed cases. All our iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 cases are compatible with MagSafe and Qi wireless charging, but our new Ace Pro MagSafe case includes a built-in ring. For Pro-style performance, this MagSafe ring ensures a reliable charging connection and makes the phone easy to remove as well.

Responsibly Made Phone Cases with Uncompromised Performance

BodyGuardz engineers iPhone 13 Pro cases made from bioplastics with a more sustainable design that doesn’t sacrifice performance. We’ve actually been able to increase our drop ratings as we’ve transitioned to more sustainable materials and practices. Too many sustainable phone cases suffer from a lack of color clarity, but not BodyGuardz. Likewise, the antimicrobial treatment we use can be applied at a lower temperature for greater energy efficiency, while still reducing 99% of bacterial growth on the surface of the case.

Shop iPhone 13 Pro Screen Protectors and Other Accessories

Now that you know which case is best for you, it’s time to shop for a screen protector. Our collection of iPhone 13 Pro screen protectors offers several options to upgrade your iPhone experience. Each product offers premium screen protection, easy installation, and a precision fit for your device. To get even more savings, shop for both accessories at the same time with our iPhone 13 Pro shopping guide.

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