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Apple iPhone Xs Max BodyGuardz® Pure® 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector

Apple iPhone Xs Max BodyGuardz® Pure® 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector

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Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protection

BodyGuardz® Pure® 2 for iPhone Xs Max is the very first glass screen protector in the US to utilize aluminosilicate, a rare variant of tempered glass. The technology in this glass offers thinner, more durable protection—unlike the regular soda-lime glass found in most other screen protectors.

adhesive technology

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• Premium Pure 2 tempered glass screen protector
• Microfiber cleaning cloth
• Patented Express Align® tray for easy installation
• Installation instructions
• Free Lifetime Replacements
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Ultra-Durable Protection for Your New iPhone Xs Max

The all-new iPhone Xs Max has finally been released and promises to deliver supersonic speed that makes day-to-day use more enjoyable than ever. Whether you are checking out the latest music video or streaming your favorite YouTube video, the iPhone Xs Max delivers state-of-the-art sound and high-resolution quality.

Tempered Glass iPhone Xs Max Screen Protectors

BodyGuardz glass screen protectors utilize an advanced, rare family of glass called aluminosilicate, which is a form of tempered glass. Aluminosilicate is composed of minerals that include aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. Natural yet strong, this screen protector is an extremely durable, thin glass that is flexible enough for easy installation. The precision-cut edges blend in with the iPhone Xs Max’s streamlined shape. Our award-winning tempered glass screen protectors are steps above average screen protectors on the market.
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Screen Protector for the iPhone Xs Max

The new iPhone Xs Max will allow users to view improved augmented reality functions. With these advanced capabilities, you can watch enhanced computer graphics as an overlay to your already prepared images—working in real-time as a convenient tool. View these illuminating images with crystal-clear clarity when you use a BodyGuardz tempered glass screen protector that is virtually scratch proof with impact-absorbing adhesive.

Peace of Mind for Your iPhone Xs Max

Keep your iPhone Xs Max looking and feeling great. A clean screen, clear visuals, and stunning features make the iPhone Xs Max a phone to love and protect. You won’t have to worry about accidentally scratching or bumping your stylish new iPhone Xs Max when it is protected with a BodyGuardz tempered glass screen protector. Discover peace of mind with the coverage you need for your smartphone today!

Every BodyGuardz purchase includes the Advantage Program, offering you additional protection and a warranty for your iPhone Xs Max Pure 2 screen protector. Click here to learn more or to register your product.
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Apple iPhone Xs Max BodyGuardz® Pure® 2 Premium Glass Screen Protector