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Why Your Apple iPhone 5C Needs Protection

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Unlike its higher-end counterpart – the iPhone 5S – the iPhone 5C is composed of polycarbonate (plastic) rather than aluminum to allow cheaper manufacturing and therefore a less expensive device. That is why investing in an Apple iPhone 5C screen protector is perhaps even more important than investing in screen protection for another iPhone.

Compared to Apple iPhone 5S phones, the iPhone 5C is a much “simpler,” yet still formidable, phone. It uses the A6 chip from the Apple iPhone 5 – not as powerful as the 5S’s impressive A7, yet still in a class of its own. It comes with an iSight camera and a wider variety of colors like white, pink, yellow, blue and green, offering buyers a more appealing selection beyond black and white.

Apple iPhone 5C Specs and Features

The new Apple iPhone 5C is a colorful and budget-minded addition to the constellation of iPhones. Though it may lack some of Apple’s newest and flashiest features, like the 5S’s fingerprint recognition feature, the 5C is a solid smartphone loaded with incredible options:

Color: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green

Capacity and Price: 16GB, 32GB = $99, $199 respectively

Height, Width and Weight: 4.9 inches x 2.33 inches, 4.65 ounces

Chips: A6 chip

Location: Assisted GPS and GLONASS, digital compass, Wi-Fi,

Display: Retina display, 4-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display

iSight Camera: 8 megapixels, LED flash, sapphire crystal
lens cover, five-element lens

Video Recording: 1080p HD video recording, 30 fps, LED light,
video stabilization, face detection

FaceTime Camera: 720p HD video recording, backside illumination sensor

Video Calling: FaceTime, initiate video calls over LTE, DC-HSDPA, HSPA+, 3G and 2G

TV and Video: AirPlay mirroring and video out to Apple TV, up to 1080p through adapter

Intelligent Assistant: Siri sends messages, sets reminders, answers questions

Power and Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, talk time up to ten hours

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If you’re struggling to decide whether you want to purchase the new iPhone 5C, consider the features listed above. They are basically the same as the iPhone 5 phone (the predecessor to the 5C), except the 5C is composed of plastic rather than metal. In essence, you will be purchasing an iPhone 5, just in a different color and material. Additionally, the Apple iPhone 5C pricing and battery life are comparable, if not better, than the Apple iPhone 5 battery life and pricing.

Pros and Cons of the New Apple iPhone 5C

Weighing the pros and cons of a new smartphone is a smart way to examine what you’re getting and what you might have to do without when you purchase this smartphone. It’s a good way to weigh the decision and decide whether the Apple iPhone 5C phone meets your needs:


1. It offers a selection of colors: Colors draw attention, especially in the case of the iPhone 5C. Pink, yellow, green, blue and white are bright, compelling hues. By producing iPhones in different colors, people have more options and they’re also able to be more expressive with their new phones.

2. It’s well-priced on contract. The 16GB phone is available at only $99 with a two-year contract, a steal for an Apple-quality iPhone. For the 32 GB, it is $199, which is $100 off the iPhone 5 and 5S price. Without the contract, the 5C is $549 for 16GB, making the contract a worthwhile consideration.

3. It boasts many iPhone 5-grade features. The iPhone 5C has the iPhone 5’s A6 chip, retina display, 8MP iSight Camera and 720p FaceTime Camera.

4. It has iOS 7. If you haven’t seen it yet, the iOS 7 is the new, softer, more streamlined, more user-friendly design operating system from Apple.

5. The battery life is better. The battery life on the iPhone 5C is, in fact, better than the battery life on the iPhone 5. You get ten hours of talk time as opposed to just eight.


1. It’s made of plastic. Although the iPhone 5C is reinforced with a steel frame, it is more fragile due to its polycarbonate makeup. Since itis a rigid material, plastic has a tendency to break and crack. But that is a risk buyers take with any phone, whether it’s made of plastic or aluminum.

2. There’s no option for black. Some people prefer the sleek, classic look of black, but it’s not an option with the iPhone 5C. If you want a black smartphone, you’ll have to look into the many other available Apple iPhones.

3. It does not come with Touch ID. One of the most innovative features of the iPhone 5S is not a part of the iPhone 5C.

4. There’s limited storage. Although it does come in 16GB and 32GB, the iPhone 5C does not come in 64GB.

5. It’s heavier. iPhones are usually known for their lightness and portability. However, the iPhone 5C weighs in at 4.65 ounces, while the 5 and 5S are only 3.95 ounces.

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Apple iPhone 5C Protection

It is always important to keep your iPhone in top condition by investing in an Apple iPhone 5C screen protector or other Apple phone 5C protection. One great option is the Apple iPhone 5C glass screen protector. Unlike other screen protectors, iPhone 5C glass screen protection is perfect for those wishing to maintain the sleek, smooth look of their iPhone without diminishing the iPhone touchscreen’s functionality.

No matter what type of iPhone you have, it’s always smart to invest in iPhone protection. Here are some examples of the types of new iPhone

• Apple iPhone 5C skins: This type of protection is great for those who like the look of their phones and don’t wish to add any additional bulk. Custom iPhone 5C skins are durable, ultra-thin and custom designed to fit your phone without being seen. Not only do they act as an iPhone 5C screen protector, but they can also be applied to your entire phone to provide full-body protection.

• Apple iPhone 5C armor: iPhone armor is made of carbon fiber textured film and provides the durable strength needed from a protective Apple iPhone 5C cover.

• Apple iPhone 5C cases: Phone cases for Apple iPhone 5C phones are probably the most expressive way to shield your phone from damage. They provide protection and customized decoration for your iPhone. Don’t forget that in addition to a case, you should also protect that important touchscreen with a screen protector for iPhone 5C phones.

• Glass screen protector for Apple iPhone 5C: There are a range of protective Apple iPhone 5C accessories. When considering a screen protector for Apple iPhone 5C phones to purchase, don’t overlook the ScreenGuardz Pure Glass screen protector. Crafted from special chemically tempered glass, this glass screen protector for Apple iPhone 5C phones has the hardness of steel, protecting against sharp impacts as well as scratches. ScreenGuardz Apple iPhone 5C products provide the strongest protection without interfering with your touchscreen’s responsiveness to gesture commands.

• Apple iPhone 5C anti-glare protector: There are several iPhone 5C protection accessories to choose from, including a screen guard that not only safeguards your touch screen but also makes it visible even under direct or fluorescent light.

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