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Crossbody Phone Wallet

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Crossbody Phone Wallet with Strap (Black)
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Crossbody Phone Wallet

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News flash! Big, bulky purses are out. What’s in is the Moxyo Crossbody Wallet, designed to eliminate the excess and make day-to-day living easier and more convenient than ever. Created for the person who has everything (literally) but wants a stylish and convenient way to carry what she needs and no more, this ultra-chic universal smartphone accessory has it all. Featuring a slim design with multiple colors and styles from which to choose, simply peel, place, and go, and your Crossbody Wallet will do the rest. It’s the easiest way to carry cards, cash, and your phone without all the excess.

SLIM DESIGN — Keep the bulkiness out of the way.
HOLDS TWO CARDS — Only the essentials are needed.
STYLISH DESIGN — Show off your style with multiple design options to choose from.
QUICK INSTALLATION — Peel, stick, and go.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP — Adjust your strap to the right size. Strap measures 44.5 inches to 51.5 inches

*will not stick to a glass back phone

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