Apple iPad Mini Screen Protection


Apple iPad Mini Screen Protection

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  • ScreenGuardz HD® IMPACT™      
  • ScreenGuardz HD® IMPACT™ Anti-glare      
  • ScreenGuardz Pure® Glass      


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ScreenGuardz Screen Protection

• Durable, Slim Screen Protectors
• Custom Designed
• Easy To Apply & Remove
• Advantage Replacements
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Which ScreenGuardz is right for you?

What You Need in an Apple iPad Mini Screen Protector

Now that you’ve got the vivid 7.9 inch display, the ultrafast wireless connection, 10-hour battery life and thousands of apps at your fingertips, NOW is when you need an Apple iPad Mini screen protector.

But not all screen protectors are made equal. Most screen protectors, however, offer a tradeoff: tremendous shielding power, but they obscure screen visibility and reduce touchscreen functionality.

Why not get both? With the BodyGuardz superior ScreenGuardz line, you can have it all – a screen protector that wears like iron and is virtually invisible.

Available in three different varieties, we’re confident you won’t find a better Apple iPad Mini screen protector, cover, shield, guard, or film than BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz.

Don't know which type of ScreenGuardz to choose? Check out the videos below for a description of each protector available on this page.

"Purchased your screen cover and could not be happier with your product!! It takes the use and feel of my device to a higher level, one I did not think possible. Great product, and told my neighbor about it and he purchased two yesterday. Your product does exactly what you said it would, and in today's marketplace that is very unusual."
"As you have likely learned by now I roll through smartphones on a regular basis and thus I work hard to keep them in mint condition so I can sell them to save up for the next great thing. As a result, the first thing I do is apply some type of screen protection and my personal favorites are those from BodyGuardz".


Installation Videos (examples only - may not be same device)

UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz (Wet & Dry Apply)


HD Anti-Glare