Apple iPad Mini Screen Protection

  • BodyGuardz Pure™ Glass
  • BodyGuardz Pure™ Anti-glare Glass
  • ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT® Anti-glare
  • ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT®
  • UltraTough® Clear ScreenGuardz



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ScreenGuardz Screen Protection

• Durable, Slim Screen Protectors
• Custom Designed
• Easy To Apply & Remove
• Advantage Replacements
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Which ScreenGuardz is right for you?


What You Need in an Apple iPad Mini 2/3 Screen Protector

Now that you’ve got the vivid 7.9 inch display, the ultrafast wireless connection, 10-hour battery life and thousands of apps at your fingertips, NOW is when you need an Apple iPad Mini 2/3 screen protector.

But not all screen protectors are made equal. Most screen protectors, however, offer a tradeoff: tremendous shielding power, but they obscure screen visibility and reduce touchscreen functionality.

Why not get both? With the BodyGuardz superior ScreenGuardz line, you can have it all – a screen protector that wears like iron and is virtually invisible.

Available in three different varieties, we’re confident you won’t find a better Apple iPad Mini 2/3 screen protector, cover, shield, guard, or film than BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz.

Don't know which type of ScreenGuardz to choose? Check out the videos below for a description of each protector available on this page.
FEATURED VIDEO: Screenguardz overview
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Apple iPad Mini Screen Protection