ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT Anti-glare for Apple iPhone 5

ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT Anti-glare for Apple iPhone 5

  • ScreenGuardz HD® IMPACT™ Anti-glare


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HD Impact Anti-glare Screen Protector

• 1 ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT Anti-glare screen protectors
• Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
• Application instructions
• Reduces glare and fingerprints
• Advantage Replacements
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Screen protection is no longer just about protecting your screen from scratches. ScreenGuardz HD IMPACT screen protection can now provide real impact protection using layers that cushion your device from impact and shock. This PET-based film also includes an optical grade silicone adhesive, providing an easy installation and a residue-free removal.

- Multi-layer shock absorption and scratch protection
- Naturally resistant to fingerprints
- 3h hardness
- .35 mm thick

HD IMPACT Anti-glare features a smooth matte finish that reduces direct light and is naturally resistant to fingerprints.
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