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Apple iPhone 5S Screen Protector

Protect Your Apple iPhone 5S Screen

Selling nine million units on the weekend of its latest release, Apple broke its own sales record for iPhones with the Apple iPhone 5S. With iOS 7, a 64-bit Apple A7 processor and a built-in fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 5S broke technological boundaries. Some reviewers declared it the best iPhone on the market. Naturally, users are seeking Apple iPhone 5S screen protector and other accessories to shield their devices and data against catastrophic accidents.

Why is the 64-bit Apple rA7 processor such a big deal? It’s a package-on-package 64-bit system that is twice as fast and has up to twice the graphics power of the Apple A6. It’s a breakthrough in data size and speed.

With the release of the Apple iPhone 5S also came the release of the iOS 7, which redefined the “feel” of the iPhone through refined typography, translucency, new icons, layering and gyroscope-driven parallaxing.

Apple iPhone 5S Specs and Features

To understand what this new Apple iPhone can do compared to the Apple iPhone 5, potential purchasers should know the iPhone 5S’s specs
and features:

Finish: Space Gray, Gold, Silver

Capacity and Price: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB = $199, $299, $399 respectively

Height, Width and Weight: 4.87 inches x 2.31 inches, 3.95 ounces

Chips: A7 chip with 64-bit architecture, M7 motion coprocessor

Location: Assisted GPS and GLONASS, digital compass, Wi-Fi, cellular

Touch ID: Fingerprint identity sensor built into Home Button

Display: Retina display, 4-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display

iSight Camera: 8 megapixels, hybrid IR filter, sapphire crystal lens cover, auto image stabilization

Video Recording: 1080p HD video recording, 30 fps, true tone flash, slo-mo video, 3x zoom

FaceTime Camera: 1.2MP photos, 720p HD video recording, backside illumination sensor

Video Calling: FaceTime, HVGA-resolution (480 by 368) calls over Wi-Fi

TV and Video:AirPlay mirroring and video out to Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)

Intelligent Assistant: Siri sends messages, sets reminders, answers questions

Power and Battery: Lithium-ion battery, talk time up to ten hours, standby up to 250 hours

These features are often the factors that go into deciding whether to purchase Apple’s new iPhones. But when it comes to purchasing an iPhone 5S phone, pricing and battery life tend to be the most decisive factors.

The Apple iPhone 5S battery life is comparable with previous iPhone. However, compared to now-available Apple iPhone 5C phones, the Apple iPhone 5S pricing can be daunting. But the higher price gives you access to Apple’s latest innovations, like the Touch ID (not included with the iPhone 5C).

Pros and Cons of the New Apple iPhone 5S

In addition to fully understanding what the new iPhone 5S is capable of, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of how the phone functions as a whole. Here is a list of what several reviewers have deemed as the “pluses” and “minuses” of the Apple iPhone 5S phone:


1. Build Quality - With an aluminum rear precisely cut and surrounded by glass panels at the top and bottom, the iPhone 5S is arguably the best-looking smartphone out there. Its rounded, beveled edges make it feel sleek and comfortable in your hand, and it’s incredibly light, weighing only 112 grams. Yet, the light weight doesn’t discredit the quality of the phone. It adds to it by making it convenient to transport and pleasing to look at.

2. Touch ID/Fingerprint Scanner - The Touch ID feature allows you and five other trusted people to access the contents of your phone through a simple fingerprint. All you have to do is hold your finger up to the phone while it creates an image of what your print looks like. The neat thing is that you can use any angle of your finger, even the sides, to get the Touch ID sensor to recognize you. This tool is an excellent deterrent for criminals who try to steal personal information off of your phone.

3. M7 Motion Coprocessor - The point of this particular processor is to collect data from integrated sensors like accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses while the phone is sleeping or has no signal. This means that the phone can use its sensors more without eating up battery life. The M7 can also detect your type of movement, whether you’re driving, running or walking. If you change your form of transportation, the instructions in Apple Maps change according to what you’re doing. Once you get out of your car, you will have walking instructions instead of driving instructions.

4. iSight Camera - With a 15 percent larger sensor than the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S camera has the capability to shoot more details in low light. With a bigger sensor comes larger pixels, meaning more light per pixel. Although you may not see much of a difference in bright light, you can definitely see a difference in low light. Plus, the True Tone flash on the 5S gets rid of the obvious signs that you’re using a flash. The Slo-Mo editing tools are just as impressive, as they allow you to choose which part of the footage you want in slow motion.


1. No wireless charging - Even though Apple iPhones’ competitors are starting to include wireless charging in their devices, Apple doesn’t seem too eager to jump on the bandwagon. With a wireless charger, simply placing your device on a plugged-in charging pad allows it to receive battery power through magnetic induction from the pad. No matter what brand of smartphone you prefer, wireless charging would seem like a nice change from the desperate “I need to find an outlet and a cord!” charging.

2. Inability to play full HD content - Although the iPhone 5S has an excellent camera, its ability to play high-definition content is not so impressive. Unlike other smartphones that have screens with 1920 x 1080 pixels, the new iPhone has a non-standard pixel resolution that is incompatible with 720p and 1080p HD content.

3. No Customization - As is common with all the previous iPhones, the iPhone 5S does not have a removable battery or support for additional storage like microSD cards. Thus, if your battery stops working, there’s no way for you to remove and replace it. And there’s no way to insert any type of memory card when you need more storage space. This also makes it harder to be creative with Apple iPhone 5S accessories.

4. Poor Battery Life - Although the battery life of the 5S has marginally improved with a couple extra hours of talk time and internet use, critics complain that’s not enough of a difference to make the battery life of the 5S extraordinary.

iPhone 5s detail

Protection for the iPhone 5S

If you’re buying an iPhone 5S, it’s necessary to invest in Apple iPhone 5S protection. Protecting your iPhone involves much more than simply buying a clear screen cover. There are many options for protection to choose from, depending on your lifestyle and how you treat your iPhone. For full-body scratch-protection, there are Apple iPhone 5S skins. For hardier impact protection, you can check out Apple iPhone 5S armor. Apple iPhone 5S case protection provides durability along with the chance to customize your iPhone with various designs and colors. If you’re mostly concerned about the iPhone’s critical touchscreen, you’ll be interested in an Apple iPhone 5S glass screen protector. iPhone 5S glass screen protection is a sleek, classy, durable alternative to other screen guards. Most importantly, the glass screen protector for Apple iPhone 5S phones protects your screen without compromising its responsiveness to touch commands.

And for those who use their iPhones outdoors as well as indoors, look into an anti-glare screen protector to keep the glare from the sun or fluorescent lighting from hampering your iPhone usage.

Whatever your needs, odds are you should invest in iPhone protection. Here are more examples of accessories that provide new iPhone protection:

Clear Skins: If you’re looking for subtle, unobtrusive screen protector for Apple iPhone 5S phones, clear skins are a great option. They’re durable, ultra-thin and clear and they can provide full-body protection. You also have the option of ordering a custom iPhone 5S skin to ensure the skin fits perfectly on your iPhone.

Armor: Acting as a skin and not a case, this type of phone 5S protection is more stylish and personalized than the clear skin. It’s composed of carbon fiber textured film to give it a chic, trendy look without being overbearing. Just like the clear skins, it’s ultra-thin and durable so it can act as a protective Apple iPhone 5S cover without adding too much bulk or stifling Apple’s impressive phone design.

Cases: Phone cases for Apple iPhone 5S phones allow you to add personality and creativity to your smartphone. Just because your Apple iPhone 5S screen protector has to be clear doesn’t mean the full-body protection has to be as well. Custom design your case to make it as sparkly, manly or cute as you want. Perhaps you think less is more. There are plenty single-color cases to choose from as well. There are iPhone 5S protection accessories for any kind of iPhone user.

ScreenGuardz: Picking out an iPhone 5S screen protector isn’t simple. There are actually quite a few options when it comes to finding the screen protection you need. For instance, there’s the ScreenGuardz Pure Glass screen protector, which is made from a special chemically tempered glass comparable to the hardness of steel. There are also HD Anti-Glare/Anti-Fingerprint screen protectors that focus on keeping your screen smudge-resistant and glare-free. The ScreenGuardz Apple iPhone 5S protectors are excellent high-quality options for protection.

No matter what kind of protection you choose, it’s important to remember that every phone needs a reliable screen protector. For iPhone 5S phones, keeping their screens damage-free and crystal clear reduces stress and keeps iPhone owners’ lives on the fast track.

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