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Before smartphones were mini-computers, they were just phones intended to connect people on the go. Back in the day of cellphones, skins were the best way to protect the exterior from the elements, while completely customizing the look with specialized graphics. But, the skins of yesteryear, like the phones of yesteryear, just weren’t built to provide unparalleled impact protection and scratch resistance.

Today’s smartphones are engineered with unparalleled, sleek and smooth strength. Their design incorporates a range of cutting-edge features that are supposed to enhance the look and feel of the smartphone, while also protecting the core processor, memory, and storage features.

This kind of complexity deserves an equally advanced defense, which is why the skins of today need to be as smart as the phones they protect.

The Skinny On Phone Skins

Today’s skins are far more durable, and it’s more accurate to classify them as protective covers or phone body films than mere skins. When smartphones came into the market and grew in sophistication, plastic “skins” were often the original screen protectors and casings.. Today, technological advances in polymers and synthetic plastics have entirely revamped the stage for iPhone 11 Pro skins.

Not all users want to cover their smartphones with a case. They may be looking for a minimalist casing style that shows off the iPhone 11 Pro’s natural finesse.Or, they may like a more tactile, lightweight experience when handling their smartphones.

The Power of Self-Healing Synthetics for iPhone 11 Pro Skins

The BodyGuardz Clear Skin full-body protector is a tough, custom-cut skin with an innovative twist of materials engineering. Constructed from self-healing polyurethane film, the UltraTough® Full-Body maintains your iPhone 11 Pro’s transparency—conveying graphics with crystal-clear resolution and minimizing glare.

Self-healing polyurethane belongs to a class of advanced polymers that are stretchable and durable. The material can absorb nicks and scratches so that no impact is visible on the surface. It also responds to various environmental stimuli such as light or temperature changes to trigger the healing process.

Since self-healing polyurethane can absorb damage from scratches and impact, it prevents material failure over time. However, all iPhone 11 Pro skins come with the BodyGuardz promise of free lifetime replacements and a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Cases vs. Skins: Making the Right Choice For You

When deciding if a skin or a case is right for you, consider the following factors:

• Users who choose skins are looking for an invisible, minimalist, and completely natural feel when handling their phones.
• You can benefit from the ultimate level of scratch protection, thanks to advanced, self-healing urethane and a custom fit for the iPhone 11 Pro. However, Clear Skin technology is not designed to provide drop protection.
• You can still use a screen protector as BodyGuardz skin wraps come in two separate sections.
• If you’re not a rough-and-tumble sort of user and you don’t expect any impacts, a skin may be all you need.
• Choose a case if your iPhone 11 Pro is subject to intense shaking, movement, or dropping. You may also opt for a case if you’re looking to enhance usability, such as a case that doubles as a wallet.

Choose a case if your iPhone 11 Pro is subject to intense shaking, movement, or dropping. You may also opt for a case if you’re looking to enhance usability, such as a case that doubles as a wallet.

BodyGuardz Clear Skins Offer a Custom Fit For Your iPhone 11

With edge-to-edge protection, BodyGuardz Clear Skins allow you to protect your phone’s functionality and preserve your phone’s appearance. The UltraTough Full-Body iPhone 11 Pro Skin comes in two separate pieces, giving you added flexibility. If a case feels too intrusive or bulky, Clear Skins may be the right choice for you.

You can either wrap the edge-to-edge skin on both sides of your phone or use a BodyGuardz iPhone 11 Pro screen protector. For added defense, another option is a tempered glass screen protector on the front of your device, with a skin on the back—keeping it lightweight and clear.