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5 Easy Ways to Prepare for Any Emergency

Smart Home

Knowing what to do before, during, and after an emergency situation is a vital part of being prepared for an emergency. When disaster strikes, nobody wants to scramble to try to prepare an emergency supply kit, and there likely won’t be time. We believe emergency preparedness starts before emergencies arise and, because of this, we created the BodyGuardz Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub to not only aid in preparedness but to streamline the process.

Getting prepared for an emergency may seem daunting and, frankly, time-consuming, but we decided to break it down into five easy elements. By tackling these now, you can be prepared for any sort of emergency situation later.

Create Your Communication & Game Plan

Emergencies can strike anywhere at any time and, whether severe weather or civic emergency, it is essential that you create a communication plan to stay connected with both loved ones and emergency contacts. How do you choose the right emergency contacts though? Simply put, you want to connect with someone who is invested in you and your family’s well-being and, ideally, does not live near you. This ensures you have an outside connection invested in your safety and security throughout the entire ordeal.

The Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub has a One-Touch Alert + Siren that appropriately fills this need twofold. First, the device notifies pre-selected loved ones and friends that you are in an emergency situation. It also ensures you can communicate your game plan when it is absolutely imperative people know where (and how) you are. Second, this unique feature emits and 90-decibel siren, effectively signaling your need for help in the immediate vicinity.

Choose Appropriate Entertainment to Keep Yourself Occupied

A lot of emergency situations, especially those like hurricanes and tornadoes, require a significant period of downtime in which you must lay low and simply wait things out in a safe place. A lot of these entertainment options require power, and many of them are on our handheld electronic devices. We all know how it works though; the more you use your device, the less power you have, and the less power you have, the less communication you might have.

For the younger lot, we recommend including tech-free elements in your go bag. Whether that means crayons, coloring books, board games, or even playing cards, having those options frees up precious battery life when it matters the most.

For those of us completely reliant on our handheld devices though, it’s imperative to have a backup plan for portable power in such situations. The Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub acts as a portable Power Bank, offering power in the palm of your hand to be exact. With 6,600 mAh of power, it is capable of fully charging your mobile device twice, putting power back in the palm of your hand – literally.

Sign up for Emergency Notifications

Just as staying connected to loved ones is an important part of an emergency preparedness plan, so is finding and establishing a connection to vital emergency notifications. Our smartphones provide easy access to a number of apps, including the Red Cross and FEMA, which provide free emergency information. But what happens where your WiFi goes down, or you no longer have a cell signal?

These apps are a fantastic option – assuming you have access to them – but that access isn’t 100% guaranteed. Your Portable 5-in-1Emergency Hub provides easy (and guaranteed access) to these alerts when the seconds count. By connecting to local NOAA and national weather alert services, you can customize the notifications to what you need. And, with more than 28 civic and weather alerts to choose from, this feature ensures you receive the news you need when you need it most.

Set Up a Way to Get the News You Need

It should go without saying, but staying connected to the news you need in an emergency situation is absolutely imperative. Many people aren’t aware that FM radio is actually an essential tool for one’s emergency preparedness. Not receiving vital information regarding local news can lead to panic and disarray but having access to a radio can keep you connected – no matter what.

The Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub helps you prepare for an emergency with its very own integrated FM radio. Think of it like old-school tech made brand new, working more efficiently than ever before. It’s always charged and ready to go, offering unlimited peace of mind.

Put Your Emergency Kit Together

Once you have done the essential legwork regarding connectivity, Ready.gov suggests that all families create an emergency kit unique to their needs with some very similar items across the board. First and foremost, this emergency kit should last you and your family up to at least 72 hours. Suggested items in your emergency kit should include the following:

• First aid kid
• One gallon of water per person for three days
• Three-day supply of non-perishable food (and a can opener)
• Radio
• Portable charger
• Disposable face masks
• Hand sanitizer
• Additional items as needed, such as pet food, collars, toys, etc.
• Flashlight

The Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub addresses multiple items on this list in one easy-to-use device. The built-in flashlight/night light function lights the way when other lights go out without ever tapping into your cell phone’s battery reserves. The added benefits of the One-Touch Alert + Siren, Emergency Notifications, FM Radio, and Power Bank ensure that multiple items on this list are covered and self-contained in one device. Not only does this streamline your emergency preparedness, but it removes a significant amount of guesswork from the equation, as well.

We Believe In a Simplified Approach to Emergency Preparedness

We live in a culture that moves fast, and emergencies can strike at any time. At BodyGuardz, we believe that everyone has a fundamental right to preparedness, and we aim to help people prepare in a simplified, easier to manage way.

Rather than assembling multiple tech devices, buying duplicates just in case, and adding excess to an absolutely essential emergency kit, the Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub makes it easier than ever to prepare for the unexpected. With a source of power at your fingertips, connectivity to vital information and loved ones, a light in the dark, and a partner in personal security, this smart tech is the smartest addition to any emergency preparedness plan.