9 Practical Things to Do With a Shattered iPhone Screen

It happened.

Your dog decided to use your iPhone as its new chew toy. Your two-year-old threw your phone off the second-story balcony. Your friend tossed your phone to you while you weren’t paying attention. Or maybe your phone simply fell out of your pocket onto concrete.

Whatever the case, your iPhone screen cracked and now you’re faced with the frustration, disappointment, and confusion dozens of others have experienced.

We’ve been there, and we understand. To help though, we’ve compiled the best, most practical tips for any cracked iPhone situation.

1. Stay Calm
No one wants a shattered phone screen, so it’s easy to get mad when your device cracks after you scrimped and saved for months to afford it. About 50% of smartphone owners have broken their devices at least once, so you're definitely not alone.

Furthermore, there are several ways to fix the problem, so it's best to remain calm. The clearer you’re thinking, the easier it will be to make the right decision.

2. Assess the Damage
Do all of the phone’s basic functions work? Is the touch screen responsive? Is the text legible? Do your fingers pick up glass-shards every time you scroll through Instagram?

If the damage isn’t severe, consider sticking it out, especially if your contract ends in a few months. If the damage is severe, you’ll need to consider all your repair and replacement options.

3. Contact Your Carrier about Insurance
Did you purchase an insurance plan from when you bought the iPhone? If so, you'll need to contact your carrier before moving forward with a repair or replacement. Even if you have a high deductible, filling a claim may be cheaper than replacing the device. Using your insurance plan also usually gives you more freedom than signing an extended contract

4. Ask Around for a Temp Phone
We live in a social world, so why not ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers if anyone has an old phone they’re not using? Chances are you have at least a few friends who always upgrade to the newest iPhone, even if their older model is still in great shape.

5. Sell or Trade-In Your Broken Phone
Even if your phone is in really bad shape after taking a tumble, there are several vendors who will buy your phone. While you probably won’t make a ton of money, you should be able to put the few bucks you do make toward a new phone.

6. Perform a DIY Repair
We don’t recommend this, but if you’re tech-savvy and have nimble fingers, repairing your phone screen yourself is an option. Most screen repair kits cost between $10 and $25, and you can find numerous tutorials online.

Why we don’t recommend this option: iPhones contain lithium-ion batteries, which are extremely volatile if disturbed. A small dent or hole can cause the battery to burst into flames or release poisonous gases, both of which would be disastrous for more than just your phone.

7. Hire Someone to Repair the Screen
Screen repair shops are in abundance these days, which should make getting your phone repaired a fairly quick, simple task.

Repair shops often charge less than the Apple Store would, but keep in mind that any third-party work done on the phone will void any kind of warranty on the phone. Apple technicians will refuse to work on your phone in the future if they notice third-party work.

We recommend taking your phone to the nearest Apple Store any time you need a repair, whether it's on your screen or another part of your device.

8. Buy a New Phone
If your contract isn’t close to ending or if you replace your phones often, consider treating yourself to an entirely new phone. This may seem like a frivolous or careless option, but it can actually end up saving you money in the long run.

The cost of repairing your current phone plus the cost of your eventual replacement might be significantly more than simply buying a new phone right off the bat.

9. Protect Your Phone From Future Damage
Whether you opt for a new phone or a simple screen repair, you should take steps to protect your phone from future damage. BodyGuardz offers a full line of the strongest screen protectors available, as well as highly protective phone cases for multiple iPhone models that’ll help protect from impacts, scratches and smudges.

*BodyGuardz can in no way guarantee or warranty that our products will protect devices from all damage. We do not repair or replace phones that are damaged when protected by our products. We affirmatively disclaim any such liability.