The Best Clear Cases For Your New Galaxy S10 | BodyGuardz

The Best Clear Cases For Your New Galaxy S10 | BodyGuardz

Galaxy S10+ Ace Pro Case

The best clear and translucent cases for your Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+

Aside from its great screen, ultra-fast processor, and awesome camera, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has one more thing going for it: the array of colors available to choose from. Available in new “prism” finishes that change color depending on the light, a flamingo pink that’s too cool for school, and two luscious ceramic options, it’s a shame to put the Galaxy S10 in a case.

But it’s also big, slippery, and fragile, and the last thing you want is a giant crack in it. So you’re going to get a cast that both protects your S10 and lets its natural color shine through.

Why we love it: The Bodyguardz Ace Pro case won’t turn any heads on its own, but it will keep your S10 looking its best. The crystal clear version has a subtle white bumper that helps your S10’s rear color pop even more, and Bodyguardz says it uses a special gel that absorbs and dissipates impact so your S10 will stay safe. But even if you never need to test that theory, this case is a great way to keep your S10 as fresh as when first taken out of the box.

Price: $35
Wireless charging: Yes

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