The Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cases | BodyGuardz

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ Cases | BodyGuardz

Galaxy S10+ Ace Pro Case

BodyGuardz Ace Pro Case

It’s a beautiful, powerful beast — but it’s also a big investment, and with prices starting at $1,000, you’ll want to keep it safe. A protective case can keep your precious phone away from scratches and chips, as well as protecting it from drops that would otherwise seriously impact its beauty.

If you want to protect your phone, but still want to be able to admire it (and there’s a lot to admire), then a clear case is what you need. This case from BodyGuardz allows you to show off your phone, but it does so while still offering a huge amount of protection. The Ace Pro case goes beyond the usual impact-absorption qualities of TPU by also including impact-resistant gel technology from athletics company Unequal — so you can be sure you’re getting a great level of protection. The transparent polycarbonate back helps to prevent scratches, while the raised bumper means fewer scratches on your screen and camera lenses. It’s on the expensive side, but can you put a price on protection?

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