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Best Travel Phone Cases for Your Next Road Trip

Best Travel Phone Cases for Your Next Road Trip

Skipping traditional travel this summer and opting for something within reach – like a road trip? Offering the same great rewards (think: exploring, seeing the country or the world, endless adventure) without ample restrictions, road trips are arguably the ideal way to get away in 2020. Today, we’re lucky to be able to document our travels with our smartphones while on the go. Whether iPhone or Samsung, smartphones remain the most popular travel accessories, making finding the best travel phone cases more important than ever.

What to Look for in Phone Cases

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a single person these days who travels or embarks on a road trip without their phone. Because you’re on the go with your phone in hand though, it’s never truly safe from slips, drops, and falls, so protecting it is essential. When looking for the ideal phone case for travel, you want something durable, reliable, and versatile, offering a travel-friendly design for your next getaway.

When searching for the perfect case, focus on three main things:
1. Drop protection
2. Versatility
3. Form + function

Ideally, the phone case you choose for your iPhone or Samsung device should enable you to travel safer, smarter, and more comfortably with your device.

Our Favorite Travel Phone Cases

Whether traveling the world or taking a road trip with family and friends, you want a phone case that offers you a seamless blend of rugged protection and, of course, aesthetics. We’re rounding out three of our favorite phone cases that offer you all that and more.

Designed with Unequal® technology to absorb and disperse impact, SlideVue’s patent-pending strap works double-time as a secure finger loop on the back, or a stand for streaming videos. Even better, SlideVue features a low-profile and sleek design that accentuates your smartphone while surrounding your phone with protection.

Offering three layers of TriCore™ protection, this phone case was inspired by performance. Composed of lightweight materials, you get protection without added bulk. Built-in sound channels direct sound forward so you can listen to your road trip-ready songs anywhere, and the adjustable and removable lanyard prevents drops while enabling you to take safer selfies anywhere, anytime.

Form meets function in both the Accent Wallet and Accent Duo, which offer a genuine leather case and a low-profile aesthetic. Built-in TriCore protection cushions and protects, and the detachable lanyard makes it easier than ever to capture picture-perfect moments easily. It’s a seamless blend of head-turning style and peace-of-mind protection.

Ultimately, the best travel phone cases keep the world at your fingertips without risking your device in the process. Whether you’re road trip ready or preparing to travel the world, don’t forget to keep your smartphone safe, secure, and at hand to capture life’s best moments.