Learn about the Tempered Glass in BodyGuardz® Pure

Everything You Need to Know About The Tempered Glass in BodyGuardz Pure

Everything You Need to Know About The Tempered Glass in BodyGuardz Pure®

If you own a smartphone, chances are you’ve been urged by friends, family members, and maybe even cell phone sales reps to invest in screen protection. Their most common recommendation? Tempered glass. It’s thicker, stronger, and more protective than any other material on the market.

But if you’re like most consumers, you’ve probably wondered: what even is tempered glass? How is it different from normal glass? How does it protect my phone? What benefits does it offer?

Fortunately, BodyGuardz has your back. As the maker of the BodyGuardz Pure®, the strongest screen protector currently available, we have the answers to all your questions. In this week’s blog post, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our #1 selling tempered glass screen protector.

The Materials

The BodyGuardz Pure® is made with soda-lime glass, which is the most common type of glass. Around 90% of all glass products—from bottles to windows to bakeware—derive from soda-lime glass.

The reason? Soda-lime is fairly hard, extremely workable, and most importantly, chemically stable, making it safe for use on mobile devices.

The Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing process, we put the BodyGuardz Pure® through three key processes to make it highly durable and to set it apart from the average screen protector.

1—Tempering the Glass

To produce the tempered glass in the Pure®, we heat regular soda-lime glass to around 500℃ and then rapidly cool it back down. The rapid cooling causes the outside of the glass to harden, and then shrink much faster than the inside.

The result? The outside of the glass compresses against the inside. This pressure makes the glass harder and more flexible.

2—Chemically Strengthening the Glass

To further increase that pressure, we chemically strengthen the glass. To do this, we dip the glass in a solution of potassium nitrate at 400℃. At this temperature, the potassium molecules split from the solution and become potassium ions. These ions have a positive electrical charge, which gives them the energy needed to replace the sodium molecules in the glass (sodium is an impurity that weakens the glass).

The potassium then forms a crystal structure around the glass as the impurities are replaced. This further increases the pressure holding the glass together and also gives the glass its extremely hard surface.

3—Determining the Perfect Thickness

To determine the ideal thickness for the BodyGuardz Pure®, we ran extensive tests on varied measurements. We ultimately chose a .4mm thickness, which is about the thickness of four sheets of paper. This is only slightly thicker than most glass screen protectors on the market, but it makes a big difference when it comes to impact protection.

As thickness increases, the strength of the glass goes up exponentially, which means it doesn't take much to add a significant amount of durability.

Here’s some quick math to help you understand: BodyGuardz Pure® is .4mm thick, and most competitors’ glass is .32mm thick. To better illustrate this, we’ll give the Pure® a thickness of 10, and the competitors’ glass a thickness of 8.

To determine strength, we take thickness to the third power. For the Pure®, 10x10x10=1,000. For the competitors’ glass, 8x8x8=512. That’s almost double the strength for just a paper thickness difference.

The Benefits

So what does that all mean? The BodyGuardz Pure® offers numerous benefits that PET, TPU, and even other tempered glass screen protectors simply cannot.

These benefits include:

• Scratch resistance, including resistance to sand scratches
• Impact protection
• Fingerprint reduction
• Better light transmittance, which results in clearer displays

The BodyGuardz Pure® is available for multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets. If you have specific questions about the Pure® and its capabilities, feel free to email us at support@bodyguardz.com.