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Give Yourself the Gift of Phone Protection

Love Your New Smartphone? Give Yourself the Gift of Phone Protection

Did your special someone give you a new phone for Valentine’s Day? Now is the perfect time to accessorize—and protect—your tech with the best smartphone cases and screen protectors for the iPhone 12, Galaxy S10+, and more. Curious how you can ensure your gift keeps on giving for years to come? We’re sharing our top BodyGuardz screen cases and protectors to keep your smartphone safe, secure, and stylish.

BodyGuardz Smartphone Screen Protectors

Love your phone and don’t want to deal with cracks? We’re with you. From tempered glass to synthetic glass, BodyGuardz offers a full range of smartphone screen protectors to meet all your wants and wishes. Our fan-favorite screen protectors run the gamut of smartphone gear, but here are some of the highlights.

Pure 2 Edge – This is our most popular screen protector and offers ultra-durable impact and scratch protection. With edge-to-edge coverage, the water and smudge-resistant screen gives you perfect touch sensitivity and the added bonus of Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection. See what the Pure 2 Edge screen protector can do for your iPhone 12.
PRTX® – PRTX is a fully synthetic glass screen protector designed specifically to match the look and feel of glass, but it will never chip, shatter, or pop off your screen. Featuring an electroplated and hardened topcoat, a middle layer that absorbs impact, and an adhesive layer that covers your screen for complete security. Check out our PRTX screen protector for your Galaxy S21+ 5G.
PRTX Eyeguard – This is your ticket to unbreakable screen protection with blue light-blocking technology. This synthetic glass screen protector filters out harmful blue light rays from your smartphone, all while offering shatterproof screen protection you can count on. Try PRTX Eyeguard for your iPhone 11 today.

Best Smartphone Cases from BodyGuardz

BodyGuardz’s phone cases are designed to withstand, endure, and protect your devices from everyday wear and tear. With some of the best smartphone cases on the market for any iPhone, Samsung, or other smartphone brands, we’ve got you covered (literally). Check out our top picks for premium phone cases.

Ace Pro® – Slim, pocket-friendly, and refined, our Ace Pro case harnesses the power of Unequal® technology for your Galaxy Note20 (and more). While ultra-durable cases are usually bulky and dated, Ace Pro is slim and sporty, all while offering premium impact-absorbing protection. Best of all, it complements the lines of your device so you can show it off without compromising the safety of your device
Harmony™ – Go ahead. Show off your smartphone. The BodyGuardz Harmony case for iPhone 12 Pro (and more) absorbs the shock of drops and falls while safeguarding your phone in style. The modern ombré colors and trendy metallic accents offer head-turning style, while the 10-foot drop and antimicrobial product protection keep you secure.
Shock™ – Offering dynamic drop protection powered by Unequal technology, the Shock case for iPhone Xs is both durable and protective, all with a low-profile design. A raised bezel protects the front of your device, while the rounded edges and soft TPU give you a comfortable grip on your device.

What to Look for in Smartphone Screen Protectors & Cases

Smart tech is fast-becoming the go-to gift, and if you were lucky enough to receive some top tech for Valentine’s Day, now is the time to secure it! There is a lot of great gear for smart tech on the market today, but what should you look for when buying? Our best tip is to look for the whole package. What does that mean for you?

You want to find screen protectors that offer a bit of everything, including:

• Premium clarity
• Edge-to-edge impact protection
• Antimicrobial protection
• Water and smudge resistance

The best screen protectors are designed to take the hit, so your smartphone doesn’t have to. Our screen protectors are plenty durable in their own right, but if the protector chips or cracks on impact, it’s doing its job – keeping your phone screen secure beneath.

When it comes to cases, it’s all about preference. Most smartphones feature sleek, comfortable lines designed to easily fit in the pocket or purse. Great smartphone cases do the same, mirroring the lines of your device. You want to find a case that meets your needs, including:

• Pocket-friendly design
• Translucent to show off your device
• Impact-absorbing corners
• No-slip grip

Ultimately, finding your ideal smartphone case and screen protector is a personal decision. You want to find something that meets your needs and your expectations. BodyGuardz has an inclusive range of products designed to cover—and protect—your new tech. So, show your new smartphone some love by making sure it’s protected.