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How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Camping

How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Camping

Are you gearing up for a summer of adventures, camping, and outdoor experiences? Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to stay connected to what matters most, but we also know how important it is to disconnect. At BodyGuardz, we believe in embracing the best of both worlds, and we’ve made it our mission to offer adventure-ready products that protect your smartphone, your style, and your ability to stay connected.

While camping evokes images of serene landscapes and undisturbed away time, chances are your smartphone is coming along for the ride. Whether you plan to spend your time hiking, kayaking, swimming, or simply exploring someplace new, it’s important to have great tech for your phone, keeping it safe and secure while on the go.

Identify Potential Risks

First and foremost, you want to identify hazards to your smartphone, such as accidental drops, elements like water, humidity, or dust, and even heat. When camping or exploring, you unknowingly add a lot of variables to your routine that could damage your phone, and it’s important to identify those variables so you can protect your device. While your phone is definitely great for capturing picture-perfect memories, it’s also important to protect it in the unlikely event you need to contact others for help.

Opt for Multi-Purpose Phone-Saving Solutions

We believe that great tech gear serves more than one purpose, and our cases deliver in spades. If it’s durability you seek, we have that. Extra security, perhaps? We have an option for that, too. We’re rounding up some of our favorite smartphone cases and why they’re perfect for your camping adventure.

Inspired by performance shoes, this ultra-durable case features 3 layers of TriCore, 360° protection, as well as the same impact-absorbing found in high-quality performance shoes. Best features include: • Removable & adjustable lanyard for extra security
• Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
• Raised bezel protects the front of your phone

Accent Wallet
Sleek and chic, this is the ultimate smartphone accessory. Crafted from genuine leather, its low-profile design is wireless charging compatible and features 3 layers of TriCore Protection. Best features include:

• Removable & adjustable lanyard for extra security
• 2-card pocket perfect for carrying ID while camping
• Shock-absorbing Unequal material

Ultimately, when looking for ways to protect your phone while hiking, prioritize versatility above all else. Lanyards go a long way to defend against drops or your phone slipping into the water, while shock-absorbing design cushions and protects. Defend your style – and your smartphone – while on the go for the best summer ever.