Reasons for Moving: Major Life Changes & Smart Home Devices
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Reasons for Moving: Make a Major Life Change Easier with These Smart Home Devices

For some people, this year isn’t so much about slowly returning to normal as it is getting back to making a major life change. Whether moving into a new home was put on the backburner or new developments over the last year have spurred the change, there is an endless list of reasons for moving. For a quickly approaching deadline or long-term living plans, make your move that much easier by having a smart home plan from the beginning.

Often, moving into a new place isn’t just about the living space itself. It’s also about creating a new home environment and lifestyle. BodyGuardz has launched a line of portable smart home devices, designed with these types of major life changes in mind. Stay flexible but stay safe. Deal with today but be prepared for tomorrow. Live your best life by starting with Smart Life.

Family moving in and unpacking with girl carrying moving box

Creating a Multi-Generational Household with Senior Parents

Many families find substantial benefits from living in multigenerational households with senior parents. As much as we love family, the biggest advantage is often financial, especially in areas with higher property values and cost of living, as well as fewer caregivers for hire. The other big advantage is a strategic division of household chores. Many seniors may struggle with yard work and strenuous cleaning chores but are still able to help with cooking, childcare, and other household tasks.

Of course, there are also drawbacks for many families when making this major life change. Often, finding privacy and alone time is the big one. There are likely to be considerable schedule differences with some household members who want to stay up late and others who want to get up early in the morning. And then, there’s the commitment of staying with family who may struggle if one family member decides they need to move out.

We recommend the following resource to learn even more about the pros and cons of multigenerational households. Still looking for the perfect home to accommodate your family? Check out these tips about multigenerational home design.

Smart Home Devices for Multigenerational Families

As you consider a classic mother-in-law home plan or you find some other way to make it work, there is almost always a transition period when moving in with senior parents. Whether there are specific health and mobility issues or just general concerns about adjusting to a new living space, the 5-in-1 Emergency Hub has a One-Touch Alert that offers peace of mind and a sensible alternative to medical alert devices. Personalized emergency alert notifications provide an extra way to make sure senior parents know a potentially dangerous situation is developing. This device is perfect for garage apartments and larger, multi-story homes where you need an extra mode of communication. The Portable 360° Security Camera is another great device with an installation-free security camera that can be set up anywhere in the home.

Today, there is no such thing as too old for tech devices. From phone charger to app-controlled FM radio to combination night light/flashlight, families are sure to appreciate the practicality of the 5-in-1 in addition to its emergency preparedness features. From night vision and two-way audio to 360-degree views and 4x digital zoom, you can easily find out what’s going on in specific areas of the home.

Making Room for a Growing Household

Maybe you’re creating a newly blended family, or maybe a new member is arriving soon. Either way, big changes are a-coming. Frequently, there are numerous logistical and financial decisions that have to be made. Combining two households into one takes all the usual hassles of moving and doubles them.

Moving into a new home is stressful for all involved, including infants and toddlers. Even if they don’t understand the larger implications, a change in the environment often triggers sleep disturbances in young children. Family quality time is essential to forge new bonds and create a cohesive family unit, but school-age children in large and blended families also need one-on-one time. This dedicated time will help reveal any individual struggles with the transition and reassure children they are loved. Even just introducing a new pet to a large household can be a trying experience with unforeseen complications. You should also expect difficulties in prioritizing and nurturing your romantic relationship during this major life change.

Smart Home Devices for Large and Growing Households

Adjusting to a new living environment with fresh faces is bound to be full of surprises. Between knowing what’s going on in a larger home to feeling secure from outside threats, home security and emergency preparedness are common concerns. Yet, they are also given short shrift when families are simply trying to get from one day to the next.

Home security cameras sound like a great idea until you start thinking about finding the right spot, choosing a product, and installing the hardware. Often, the answer is portable and installation-free smart home devices that can start protecting your family from day one. Our 360° Security Camera can help you keep track of everything and everyone. This wireless camera includes night vision, motion detection, two-way audio, alarm siren, data security, 360-degree views, 4x digital zoom, smart app control, and more. The 5-in-1 Emergency Hub with five different emergency preparedness features is another great addition to a portable smart home system.

Leaving Your Parents’ Home for the First Time

Have a vague sense that it’s time to go in a new direction, but not sure whether that means you need to move out of your parents’ house? Here are 15 signs it’s time to leave. Whether your parents are supportive, relieved, or upset, this is your decision to make. Or, maybe you’re confident that the time has come but leaving your parents’ home is still in the planning phase. Regardless, check out these step-by-step tips for moving out and look to create a personalized plan for your individual circumstances.

Generally, things are a lot easier if you already know someone you’d like to move in with or else know yourself well enough to realize that living alone is the right choice for you. From there, you can set a budget, start looking for places, and make final moving plans. Being on your own for the first time is incredibly exciting, but like anything, it can also be unexpectedly nerve-wracking. Making this major life decision is already a bold move. You should try to be as prepared as possible, so the real-life experience has a better chance of living up to your excited expectations.

Smart Home Devices for Moving Out of Parents’ House

The Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub is a great smart home device for peace of mind and first-time jitters, but it does more than that. You’ll have a portable night light/flashlight next to your bed that’s always fully charged and comes on automatically when the power goes out. You’ll be able to set personalized emergency alert notifications. You’ll have a way to listen to the radio, even if you lose Wi-Fi and cellular signal. And, you’ll have a great solution for charging your cell phone overnight.

Looking for a smart home camera that makes sense for your first apartment? Check out the Portable 360° Security Camera. The best part about this wireless, 1080p, 4x zoom, two-way audio, motion detection, night vision security camera is that it’s installation free. Put it anywhere that makes sense in your living space and you’ll have the perfect way to monitor your pets, roommates, and whatever else is going on.

Moving into a Tiny House, Condo, or Starter Home

Investing in a condo or starter home isn’t a no-brainer, but it can be a smart financial decision for many people depending on their location and long-term plans. Similarly, many people have nothing but fond memories of living in a tiny house for some number of years, and then eventually return to a more standard-size living space.

Home security is a priority for many people in tiny homes, condos, and starter homes. Unfortunately, the options are likely far more limited than you realize when first moving in. Even if you technically own the condo and its interior furnishings, there are usually tight restrictions when it comes to making structural changes to the unit. Adding new electrical wiring for a permanent home security system typically requires HOA approval, which is often denied.

Tiny houses sometimes have big logistical barriers. Already designed and constructed down to the last inch, there is simply no room left in tiny houses to install any type of home security system.

Starter homes are often about building equity and preparing to upgrade later on. You probably don’t want to invest in an expensive home security system when other improvements stand to have a bigger impact on resale value.

Smart Home Devices for Tiny Houses and Starter Homes

With the right devices, you can save space and introduce smart home capabilities at the same time. You don’t need to forgo emergency preparedness in a tiny house. In fact, with few good places to take shelter, you need to be even more prepared to act in the case of a natural disaster or other emergency. What you really need is emergency preparedness that’s also great for everyday use. Take a look at our Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub. This smart home device offers personalized emergency alert notifications and a personal alarm siren. It also has a night light/flashlight combo, portable phone charger, and FM radio receiver. The 5-in-1 is about the same size as a standard power bank.

The Portable 360° Security Camera is also designed for those trying to save space. This wireless camera is smaller than a Nalgene water bottle and weighs as much as a baseball. Important features include two-way audio, motion detection, night vision, alarm siren, data security, 360-degree views, 4x digital zoom, local recording capability, smart-app control, and more. The camera is installation-free and can be put in any number of places throughout the living space.

Downsizing into a Low-Maintenance Living Space

Not everybody is looking to go bigger when they move into a new place. In fact, many empty nesters and retirees are looking to downsize their new living space. This reason for moving can also just be about simplifying your life and homemaking commitments. The end result can feel so good, but if you’re just starting this project, know that it’s not easy getting there. Many people accumulate decades’ worth of stuff before making the commitment to declutter and downsize. One of the best tips we’ve heard is to divide the project into manageable chunks and start small.

There are obvious family heirlooms that are sure to be cherished for generations, but most people tend to save a lot of items their children don’t want and have little chance of being used. Lean toward living in the moment at any age. Focus on items you can continue to use and cherish to this day. Decluttering is an essential task, so you have a better idea of what to look for in a downsized home.

Smart Home Devices for Downsizing Your Next Home

With everything you’re bound to get rid of, it will feel odd to add items to your new living space, but sometimes addition is the best form of subtraction. Indeed, one of the core pieces of advice about downsizing is to eliminate duplicate items that you rarely, if ever, use. Another approach to this goal is to find items that combine and integrate multiple functions. Enter the Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub. This emergency preparedness and home readiness device includes emergency alert notifications, cell phone charger, night light/flashlight combo, portable FM radio, and personal alarm siren. Simply plug it into a wall outlet and the device will stay fully charged without using any floor space.

Simplifying your life often involves more than just getting rid of stuff. It can also be about streamlining the chores and processes by which you live your life. Our portable and wireless 360° Security Camera is an installation-free solution that delivers many of the same capabilities as traditional home security cameras, along with a few extra features. Get our high-resolution, motion-detection, night-vision camera with two-way audio, 4x digital zoom, local recording capability, and 360-degree views.

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