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What 1 Terabyte Storage Means for the New “iPhone 13”

First rumored late last year, another round of media reporting suggests that the iPhone 13 (or whatever Apple calls their new phones) will have a one-terabyte storage option. With the news and imminent launch of the next iPhone series, it’s time to review what one terabyte (1 TB) of storage can hold, what it means for the average iPhone user, how to manage device and cloud storage, and how to free up space as needed.

How Much Data Can You Put in 1 TB Storage?

Whether it’s hard-drive storage or cloud storage, 1 TB can hold roughly 500 hours of video, 25 hours of 4k video, 17,000 hours of music, or 250,000 photos with a 12MP camera, depending on the average file size. When it comes to mobile devices, what takes up the most memory, along with these personal media files, are the apps. The average app file size is somewhere around 35-40 MB and has been fairly consistent over the last couple years. The biggest apps, however, tend to be gaming apps, and in general, they’ve been increasing in size over time.

iPhone Device Storage vs Cloud Storage

For some people, the appeal of 1 TB iPhone storage would be less reliance on cloud storage. With a generation of users accustomed to backing up iPhone data on their other Apple devices, it will be interesting to see if the pendulum swings back even slightly toward device storage. For the biggest data users, not even 1 TB storage is enough to cover your data-hungry smartphone habits--you know who you are.

Moreover, for many people, the appeal of cloud storage isn’t just capacity, it’s also about data security and data-loss recovery. For these smartphone users, the biggest question isn’t device storage vs. cloud storage. Instead, it’s a question of iCloud storage vs. wireless network cloud storage.

iPhone and hard drive side-by-side storage capacity

The next generation of iPhones is supposed to have a storage capacity on par with entire hard drives from just a few years ago.

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New Protection Technologies for a New Generation of iPhones

Of course, 1 TB storage isn’t the only upgrade expected from the new iPhone series. You may also be looking forward to a higher refresh rate, bigger battery size, and ultra-wide camera lens. No matter what has you excited for your next iPhone, it’s never too early to start thinking about protecting and accessorizing your device.

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