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Aluminosilicate Glass Screen Protector

Aluminosilicate glass

Impact-absorbing adhesive

Precision-cut edges


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Tempered glass screen protection was first introduced to the market by our team as BodyGuardz Pure, which set the standard for tempered glass. Now we are raising the standard again. Introducing BodyGuardz Pure 2 with AlumiTech.

We’ve collaborated with industry leading manufacturers to develop the next revolution in tempered glass screen protection. Traditional screen protectors feature glass made of soda lime. Pure 2 with Alumitech changes the game by featuring aluminosilicate glass, impact absorbing adhesive and precision cut edges. The rare family of glass known as aluminosilicate, is harder to scratch, makes scratches less visible and is more resistant to breaking when dropped. The impact absorbing adhesive helps disperse shock away from your device and the precision cut edges were designed to withstand chipping.

BodyGuardz Pure 2 with AlumiTech is a cut above traditional soda lime glass screen protectors. should be BodyGuardz Pure® 2 with AlumiTech™

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