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now featuring aluminosilicate glass


Based on the test data conducted by Corning Incorporated, compared with soda lime glass, Accessory Glass 2 by Corning® provides


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Tempered glass screen protection was first introduced to the market by our team as BodyGuardz Pure, which set the standard for tempered glass. Now we are raising the standard again. Introducing BodyGuardz Pure 2.

We’ve collaborated with Corning Incorporated, the leader in glass for mobile devices, to develop the next revolution in tempered glass screen protection. Currently, traditional glass protectors feature glass made of soda lime. Pure 2 changes the glass protection game by featuring aluminosilicate glass, which is superior in almost every way. In addition to its added strength and resistance to scratches, Accessory Glass 2 by Corning is never shaved down to achieve a thinner screen protector. Corning's proprietary Fusion process allows the glass to be created at the desired thickness. The glass is 'born' strong and BodyGuardz has Got it covered®

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• Improved scratch resistance: Up to 3-5x improvement in the force required to cause deep strength-degrading scratches which are often accompanied by chipping (lateral cracking).

• Helps to reduce scratch visibility by up to 25%.

• Helps to reduce breakage for drop events on various everyday indoor/outdoor surfaces: Up to 25% increase in drop performance tested under same controlled conditions on various surfaces simulating field failures.

• Enables improved strength after scratch: Up to 25% improvement in retained strength, if a deep flaw/scratch occurs.