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installing clear skins



    - PRO TIP 1 -
    Before you begin installation, make sure the device screen is completely dust-free. Dust, hair and other small particles can cause a permanent bubble under the protector. Use the included microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal strips to remove any dust before installation.

    - PRO TIP 2 -
    If you do get a piece of dust underneath the protector, carefully use your fingernail to lift the closest edge and use the dust removal strip on the sticky side of the protector to grab and remove the dust.


UltraTough Clear Skins
iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus install

Hi, I'm Nick and today I am going to teach you how to install your iPhone 6 & 6 Plus UltraTough Clear Skins.

Packaging includes:

• Application instructions
• Back film
• Front film
• BodyGuardz squeege
• BodyGuardz sticker
• Application gel
• Microfiber cleaning cloth
• Layout diagram

Be sure to wipe down your screen with the provided microfiber cleaning cloth. If you want you can clean your fingers with the application get before handling the screen. Next peel back the protector from the liner. Apply 5-8 dots of application gel, and then rub it around the adhesive part of the screen protector until it is completely covered. Now line up the screen protector using the speaker and home button as your guide. (Because of the gel, you can move the protector around on your screen until it looks good.) Next use the squeegee card and microfiber cleaning cloth to push out all the application gel.

Flip the phone over to do the back screen. Peel the protector from the liner like you did with the first protector. Again apply 5-8 dots of application gel, and then rub it around the adhesive side of the screen protector until it is completely covered. This time use the camera as your guide. If you don't like where you have placed your protector you can always lift it up and re-apply it. Use the micro-fiber cleaning cloth and squeegee to push out the gel. The sides may not immediately adhere after the install. Wait up to 30 minutes to apply the sides to your phone.

Congratulations on your UltraTough Clear Skins Installation, Your phone now looks good and is scratch protected.