Installation Instructions - HD Impact | BodyGuardz®


    - PRO TIP 1 -
    Before you begin installation, make sure the device screen is completely dust-free. Dust, hair and other small particles can cause a permanent bubble under the protector. Use the included microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal strips to remove any dust before installation.

    - PRO TIP 2 -
    If you do get a piece of dust underneath the protector, carefully use your fingernail to lift the closest edge and use the dust removal strip on the sticky side of the protector to grab and remove the dust.


HD Impact
iPhone 5/5s install

Congratulations on purchasing your HD Impact. Inside the package you will find:

• HD Impact application instructions
• HD Impact Screen Protector
• Squeegee card
• BodyGuardz sticker
• Microfiber cleaning cloth

Be sure to wipe down your phone with the provided microfiber cleaning cloth to remove all the dust particles. Now, peel back the tab with a number 1 on it about a quarter of the way down. The fold allows the protector to hover above the device. Use the buttons and speakers to help you align the protector.

Next, slide the provided squeegee card across the rest of the protector while simultaneously removing the back liner. Use the squeegee card and cleaning cloth to push out any bubbles. Now carefully remove the cap sheet with the number 2 on it.

Congratulations on a successful install; not only does your phone look good, it is protected as well!