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    - PRO TIP 1 -
    Before you begin installation, make sure the device screen is completely dust-free. Dust, hair and other small particles can cause a permanent bubble under the protector. Use the included microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal strips to remove any dust before installation.

    - PRO TIP 2 -
    When using the application gel, use enough to cover the entire adhesive side of the protector. This will give you the ability to slide the protector into position. It may also help to let the gel dry for 30 minutes before removing the cap sheet.

ScreenGuardz UltraTough
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge install

Hi I'm Nick and today I am gonna teach you how to install your ScreenGuardz Ultratough for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. When opening up the package you will find an overview of the product and our three step installation process

In one pocket you will find the install kit, and in the other you will find the protector.

Here is what comes inside the packaging:

• ScreenGuardz UltraTough Protector
• a BodyGuardz Squeege
• a microfiber cleaning cloth
• and product registration info

Lets get started. First Be sure to wipe down your screen with the provided microfiber cleaning cloth. Next peel back the protector from the liner one and a half inches from the top and crease the liner exposing the adhesive side of the film. Now line up the screen protector using the speaker and home button and edges as your guide. Next use the squeegee card and microfiber cleaning cloth to push down the remaining part of the film letting the back liner slip away.

Carefully remove the cap sheet and push down the edges to make sure they are fully adhered. Any remaining bubbles will disappear within 24 to 48 hours.

Congratulations on your ScreenGuardz UltraTough Installation, Not only does your phone look good but is now covered with scratch protection.