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BodyGuardz Sister Brands: LANDER & MOXYO

BodyGuardz is extremely excited to introduce you to Lander, a new brand that our team has been working on for over a year. We recognized a need in the consumer electronics industry for true, expedition-inspired accessories that were designed intentionally – not just slapped together with bulky plastic and called “outdoor editions".

We teamed up with a group of leading outdoor designers and created accessories together that incorporate elements of outdoor equipment you might typically find at a base camp - making them lightweight, durable and functional. Click here to see what we came up with.

In 2016, our first year in operation, we ventured out to explore places ranging from British Columbia, Spain, Ghana and Iceland to name a few of our favorite destinations from our brand ambassadors. like Garrett King, Aaron Brimhall, and many others. With expedition-inspired accessories, we want to show you the beauty that each of us can have as the 9-to-5 worker during the week but also enjoy an adventure filled weekend. With products ranging from the likes of our Timp backpacks to our powerbanks and phone cases, your electronics can have that sleek design while being confident your products will have the protection they need.

Visit our website located at www.lander.com to read more or to become a brand ambassador, visit here: www.lander.com/ambassadors to see what our brand ambassadors are up to.

MOXYO is inspired by people, music, and the city. we build modern mobile accessories that include the quality, function, and fashion you would expect at twice the cost. between the breathtaking views of the new york skyline to the urban hipster lifestyle, we love being at the area main events to cheer on our local community.

accessories are an extension of each individual’s lifestyle, which is why MOXYO curates cases, earbuds, cables and power products that bring a style that embraces current fashion trends while remaining comfortably priced. MOXYO builds modern accessories for you.