Learn about the Phone Case Design Process from BodyGuardz®

Designed, not decorated.

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Before now you had two choices: bulky cases with overt protection on the outside or cheap cases offering little protection, decorated to be on trend. We found most people want both, and they want it done right.

BodyGuardz integrates style and protection into every detail of a case. We go to great lengths to make sure our cases are designed, not decorated.

Accent Duo Mauve Case for iPhone 11
Paradigm S Black/Yellow Inside
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Paradigm Grip for iPhone 11
Momentum Case Green for iPhone 11 Pro Max
Momentum Case Black
Accent Wallet Case Blue for iPhone 11
Accent Wallet Lifestyle With Wallet
Running Shoes Lifestyle Image

Paradigm S Maroon for iPhone 11 Pro

Paradigm Grip Blue for iPhone 11 Pro
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TriCore™ Protection

TriCore Detailed Image TriCore Detailed Image

A focus on detail.

We apply time-tested design techniques into each of our cases to make them look and feel slim, avoiding unnecessary bulk. Splitting the body into sections, adding asymmetrical angles along the edges and keeping the buttons precise yet tactile helps us achieve our goal.

We’ve also added details to elevate the experience of using your phone. Sound channels under the speakers help direct sound forward for a better viewing experience. Speaker grills reduce dust buildup inside the phone’s speakers. Plus, removable lanyards keep your phone where it belongs–in your hand.

TriCore Detailed Image
TriCore Detailed Image

The right materials.

We view our cases as a personal accessory, not just a hunk of plastic to protect your phone. The materials we choose are inspired by products we use every day: outerwear, day packs, handbags, performance shoes and even furniture. The materials and textures look great and fit into your lifestyle because they resemble products you already use.

TriCore Detailed Image

Bold protection.

It’s obvious at first sight that our cases have a higher level of protection. The bold, contrasting colors emphasize the value we put on protecting your devices. When your phone is put into the case, the layers of protection are no longer visible. But, you will always feels safe knowing that what's on the inside is the most protective material available for a phone case.

TriCore Detailed Image