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Certified Program


Designed to promote the BodyGuardz line of products through our sales channels, the BodyGuardz Certified Program contains all of the training needed to effectively promote the BodyGuardz line of protectors.

BodyGuardz are the perfect solution for users looking to protect their devices without covering them in a case or hard shell. While the product is universally appealing we have found that demonstrating the benefits increases sales closing by over 50%. Those who physically see the product on a device understand the product better and have a desire to purchase.

The BodyGuardz Certified program will provide your sales people with all the tools required to effectively sell BodyGuardz. Included in the kit are a training video, training booklet, dummy phone with BodyGuardz installed, and a full pack of BodyGuardz protectors. Each applicant will be required to certify through an online test to become BodyGuardz Certified.

There are two types of certification.
- Certified Reseller - Certified to sell BodyGuardz
- Certified Installer - Certified to sell and install BodyGuardz

- Referrals from BodyGuardz
- Website links to your store
- Training / Education / POP materials
- Increased margins through installation services
- Demo phone with BodyGuardz applied


For more information on how to become a Certified BodyGuardz Reseller or Installer, click here