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Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumors

Since the release of the Galaxy Note 4, the eyes of Samsung fanatics are now turning to what is expected to be the new Samsung Galaxy S6 in early 2015. Rumor has it that this time around, Samsung is making much more drastic improvements to the device after the Galaxy S5 received mixed reviews from both consumers and critics. In fact, recent rumors say that Samsung is starting from scratch this time around to create the ultimate high-end smartphone that offers consumers the most comprehensive lineup of specs and functionality.

Here are some of the Samsung Galaxy S6 specs that have been rumored:

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iPad Pro

• A 12.9-inch display, bigger than any other previous iPad model and nearly comparable to the screen size of a MacBook Pro. It will provide much of the viewing functionality customers seek with laptops only with much more portability. *Tip - An iPad Pro glass screen protector will provide maximum scratch and impact protection without sacrificing the look, feel and touch sensitivity you need with Apple products.

• A more premium look: Some sources are saying that one of the major Samsung Galaxy S6 benefits will be its improved body style with a metal chassis rather than the plastic design of the S5. *Tip – While a metal design will have a more premium look and feel, it also opens up more possibilities for dents and scratches. Investing in protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 like the UltraTough clear skins from BodyGuardz will keep that sleek new body design in pristine condition without the bulkiness of a case.

• A better camera and processor: Leaked rumors speculate that the Samsung Galaxy S6 may have a 20 MP camera (versus 16 MP with the current S5 model). That’s almost on par with some of the leading brands of DSLR cameras that have been released within the past four years. Additionally, leaked sources say that the front-facing camera will get a boost up to 5 MP, allowing for even better selfies. Sources also say that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 will have an even more powerful processor than the iPhone A8 chip. Some are saying that the S6 will have a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor along with an Adreno 430 graphics chip, which will make multi-tasking a breeze.

• Slightly bigger screen and improved resolution: It’s rumored that the S6 may be the first Samsung phone to debut the 4K display, providing stunning resolution for all viewers. Others are saying that the screen may get a small, but useful increase in size up to 5.3 inches instead of 5.2 inches with the S5 model. Regardless of actual size, however, Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protection will be a key component in making sure the screen stays in great condition so customers can still enjoy its great resolution, free from scratches and cracks.

When this new device hits shelves early next year, you can be sure that BodyGuardz will have the best screen protectors and Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories on the market to help protect your investment and make the most of all of its features. And with a price tag of upwards of $1,000, it will be essential to invest in a Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector to make sure the device stays in great condition throughout its lifetime.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protection

BodyGuardz specializes in creating Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protectors and full-body protection that keeps your device free from scratches and damage without adding extra bulk. With our products, you can fully enjoy the sleek design of your device without having to worry that the screen or body might get scratched or even cracked or damaged.

Some of the products we offer for Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protection include:

ScreenGuardz Pure: This tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a low-profile design with ultimate durability. The tempered glass feels so much like the original screen of the device that most customers even forget it’s there in the first place! This Samsung Galaxy S6 glass screen protector also prevents smudges and provides maximum scratch and impact protection.

ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-Glare: This anti-glare Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector provides all the benefits of the original Pure screen protector in addition to anti-glare technology. With this product, you can easily use your device in bright light or outdoor sun without the hassle of screen glare.

ScreenGuardz HD Impact: Tough wear and tear doesn’t stand a chance with this next-generation Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector. Using advanced PET (plastics based) technology, we’ve created a screen protector that not only protects against scratches, but that can keep your screen safe from even the impact of a hammer or a bowling ball. Its design absorbs and dissipates shock and impact to keep your screen virtually untouched

Privacy: If you want to keep your device safe from wandering eyes, too, then you’ll want to check out our Samsung Galaxy S6 privacy screen protector. It offers crystal clear viewing along with four-way privacy when not looking at the phone directly. Just like our other products, it also protects your screen from scratches and smudges.

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Check out our entire line of Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protectors and see how BodyGuardz can help you keep your device in ideal condition for as long as you own it.