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Protecting Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung has become a major player in the advanced smartphone market over the past couple years, and with rumors of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, their competitive edge doesn’t seem to be waning. With some sources saying that the device may be released in early 2015, Samsung enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly speculating about the features it might offer. Some notable sources have said that this time around, Samsung is starting totally from scratch to make sure they produce the ultimate high-end smartphone, coining the project internally with the code name of “Project Zero.”

Here’s a rundown of what is rumored about the Samsung Galaxy S6 specs:

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• 20 MP camera, which is nearly on par to some of the mainstream DSLR cameras that have been sold on the market throughout the past few years. The rumored S6 camera represents a much improved model from the 16 MP camera of the S5
• 5 MP front-facing camera, which will allow for even better selfies.
• Longer battery life.
• A slightly larger screen, boosted to 5.3 inches from the 5.2 inches of the S5.
• A curved screen on both sides, similar to the recent model of the Galaxy Note Edge that curves on just one side.
• Possible 4K high resolution screen.
• A metal chassis that offers a more premium feel.
There are likely just a few of the many new Samsung Galaxy S6 benefits we’ll see with the upcoming release. But with a price tag of close to $1000, those who purchase the new device will absolutely need to consider body and screen protection for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 to make sure their investment stays in optimal condition.

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Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S6

The bigger screen of the S6 means more cost to repair or replace it if it becomes scratched, cracked, or shattered. BodyGuardz has created an entire lineup of Samsun Galaxy S6 screen protectors that will keep your device in great condition for as long as you own it. Some of these products include:

ScreenGuardz Pure: The best part about our ScreenGuardz Pure glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that it feels almost identically to device’s original glass screen. With its low profile, you’ll get all the protection you need for your device without the bulk. You might even forget that you’re using screen protection at all. In addition to keeping your phone safe from scratches, the Pure screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S6 can also keep your phone’s screen safe from impact, preventing cracks and shattering, too. Our Pure model also comes in an anti-glare Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector version as well, so you can enjoy full use of your phone in bright light and outdoor sun as well.

ScreenGuardz HD Impact: Our ScreenGuardz HD impact screen protection for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 does so much more than just keep your screen safe from scratches. Using advanced PET (plastics based) technology, we’ve designed a screen protector that absorbs and dissipates shock and impact to keep your phone safe from the force of everyday drops. Heavy wear and tear on your phone doesn’t stand a chance at damaging your screen with an HD Impact screen protector from BodyGuardz.

ScreenGuardz Privacy: If protecting your phone from wandering eyes is just as important as preventing scratches, then you’ll want to consider the BodyGuardz Samsung Galaxy S6 privacy screen protector. It offers crystal clear viewing when at a direct angle along with four-way privacy and scratch protection.

Full body protection: With the sleek new metal chassis of the S6, you’ll also want to consider our UltraTough clear skins along with our Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protection products. Our clear skins will keep the body of your phone in pristine condition even with heavy use of your device.

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Each BodyGuardz product that we sell qualifies for automatic enrollment in our Advantage Replacement Program that is unlike any other product guarantee on the market. As part of our Advantage program, you’ll get lifetime replacements for your Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector in the case that it becomes damaged or just worn over time. Our goal is to help our customers keep their devices protected for as long as they own them, which is why we offer deeply discounted replacement costs. Additionally, all of our customers get access to our 30-day money back guarantee with all products, as well as a 20% return customer discount if they wish to purchase additional Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories or protection for their other electronic devices.

Browse our entire selection of Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories and protection products today to see how BodyGuardz can keep your device in great condition for as long as you own it.