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The Gadgeteer BodyGuardz Ace Pro case with Unequal Technology Review

When Apple releases a new batch of iPhones, manufacturers scurry to bring accessories to market to help protect your very expensive smartphone from hard-knocks and gravity. I recently reviewed the BodyGuardz new Pure 2 aluminosilicate glass screen protector, in addition to this next-gen screen protector BodyGuardz has released several new cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well. In this case :D, I will be reviewing their Ace Pro case with Unequal technology for the iPhone 7 Plus. Read more

3 Things That Make BodyGuardz Phone Cases Different

iPhone Pure + Crown
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus just rolled out, and with them, a slew of cases from dozens of companies that promise to protect your phone and keep it stylish. With so many styles and materials on the market—from sparkles and shiny finishes to bright prints and bulky plastic—it can seem impossible to know which case is right for you. Read more

The Gadgeteer BodyGuardz Pure 2 Glass Review

BodyGuardz has collaborated with Corning Incorporated to develop the “next revolution in tempered glass screen protection”. Currently, traditional glass protectors feature glass made of soda-lime. Read more

BodyGuardz Pure vs. Pure 2

iPhone Pure + Crown
But you may be wondering: why all the hype? What makes BodyGuardz Pure®2 so special? Is there even a difference between the Pure and the Pure®2 screen protector? Today, we’ll answer all those questions, and maybe even a few more! Read more

5 Reasons to Protect Your iPhone 7 With BodyGuardz

iPhone 7
After months of speculation and dozens of leaks, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are finally here. While the world responded with mixed reviews to Apple’s latest release, the team here at BodyGuardz® is still plenty excited about the newest addition to the iPhone family. Read more

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