Introducing BodyGuardz Pure2

Glass screen protectors imitate the device screen, are optically clear, touch sensitive, fingerprint resistant and offer impact and scratch protection unlike any traditional film. BodyGuardz has set the bar once again with an even thinner, stronger glass screen protector, BodyGuardz Pure 2 AlumiTech. Designed for easier application, BodyGuardz Pure 2 is a mere .33mm thick. Read more

Keep Your Summer Pure: How To Summer-Proof Your Phone

Have you ever caught a stranger looking at your phone over your shoulder? Tried to plan a surprise for a friend but they wouldn’t stop glancing at your phone? Kept your spouse up at night because you were answering work emails from your phone? Read more

What's the difference between glass protectors?

As the manufacturer of the strongest glass screen protection available and the first to partner with Corning to bring aluminosilicate glass to the screen protection market, glass is always on our minds. We’re constantly thinking of ways to bend it, strengthen it, and help our customers’ take advantage of it. Read more

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