ScreenGuardz Pure ANTI-GLARE

Everything you love about glass,
without the glare.

When it comes to screen protection nothing tops the functionality, feel, and clarity of glass. Featuring precision surface etching to reduce glare, an exceptionally clear matte finish to reduce fingerprints, and extreme impact and scratch protection, ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare represents the best anti-glare screen protection available.

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How it works:

The surface of ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare is etched to create “ridges” that scatter light as it hits the screen. Etching yields exceptional clarity and never wears off, unlike an anti-glare coating. The etched surface is also naturally resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

Normal Glass

Light hits the surface of the glass and is reflected directly, causing glare.


Anti-glare Glass

Light hits the etched surface of the glass and is scattered, diffusing glare.

Available for:

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 5/5s

iPad Air

iPad Mini

iPhone 5c

Part of the new ScreenGuardz Lineup: