Apple iPhone 5/5s ScreenGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector


Apple iPhone 5/5s ScreenGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector

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  • ScreenGuardz Pure® Glass      
  • ScreenGuardz Pure® Anti-glare Glass      


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Included in Package

• Premium Pure tempered glass screen protector (1)
• 2 home buttons
• Micro fiber cleaning cloth
• Alcohol wipe / cleaner
• Installation instructions
• Over One Million Sold
• Advantage Replacements
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

When it comes to touch screens, nothing tops the functionality, feel and clarity of glass. The same is true of screen protectors. Made from a special chemically tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel, ScreenGuardz® Pure™ Premium Glass Screen Protector sets the standard in protection. Exceptional clarity and high touch sensitivity ensure performance in equal measure. No matter what you’re protecting, ScreenGuardz Pure is the clear choice.

Why ScreenGuardz Pure Glass Protector?

• Protection – 9H surface hardness surpasses steel, offering superior durability and scratch prevention, as well as impact, heat and chemical resistance
• Appearance - A smudge-resistant coating prevents fingerprints and facilitates cleaning
• Clarity - Optical clarity far exceeds that of ordinary plastic protectors
• Functionality – Enhanced touch sensitivity and exceptional form factor
• Ease of Use – A special adhesive makes application and removal a snap
• Safety – Anti-shatter glass minimizes risk of injury if the glass is broken

Available in two styles:

ScreenGuardz Pure combines extreme impact and scratch protection with crystal clear clarity and an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smudges.

ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare combines extreme impact and scratch protection with innovative anti-glare reduction and a smooth matte finish that minimizes the appearance of fingerprints.

*IMPORTANT* The edges of the Pure can chip if they come in contact with hard objects. Ideally Pure will be used with a case. When removing or repositioning the protector we recommend caution as the adhesive may wear off. Be careful not to use excessive force when removing as this can damage the protector

"I just bought the BodyGuardz Pure for my iPhone 5 and it's just beautiful. The installation was really easy and fast. It took me less than 5 minutes to install. The touch of glass protector is very smooth and responsive. "
"Just bought the Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector for my new iPhone 5. Installation was a breeze and there are no air bubbles. The feel is amazing and I can't even tell I have a screen protector on. Well worth the investment!"


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