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BodyGuardz Paradigm S Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Paradigm S Case with TriCore Technology (Maroon)
$49.95 $37.46
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BodyGuardz Paradigm S Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

$49.95 $37.46
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TPU Case W/ Impact Absorbing Technology

Paradigm S is engineered with TriCore—a comprehensive, multi-layer protection system. TriCore includes patented, shock-absorbing Unequal material for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, a torsion plate that reduces twisting forces due to drops, and a protective, reinforced bumper. Inspired by premium eyewear, Paradigm S has a transparent, yet eye-catching reflective back. Protective speaker grills on the bottom of the case and responsive built-in buttons provide a seamless, intuitive phone-use experience. Complete with a lifetime warranty and a 10ft drop rating, this protective, slim-profile design will provide the utmost in impact-resistant, shock-absorbing protection without adding bulk!

Layered TriCore protection
Reflective lens technology


• TriCore protection that absorbs and dissipates impact
• Sleek, low profile design
• Soft bumper with rigid, back
• Raised bezel to protect front of device
• Rounded edges that feel like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
• Made to work with BodyGuardz screen protection

iPhone 11 Pro Max Paradigm S Cases with TriCore Technology

Users of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max will discover a perfect case that conforms to the streamlined shape of the phone. Utilizing a flexible but highly durable TPU material, these cases are the answer to full protection for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Whether you are highly active and worry about dropping your phone on hard surfaces or you simply need an added extra layer of security, the Ace Pro case for iPhone 11 Pro Max will provide the ultimate protection.

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