PRTX® EyeGuard™ | iPhone 13 Blue Light Screen Protector

Apple iPhone 13 PRTX® EyeGuard Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector

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BodyGuardz PRTX EyeGuard


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Unbreakable Screen Protection With Blue Light Blocking Technology

PRTX EyeGuard reduces up to 43% of blue light from your iPhone 13 without color-shifting your display. Limit your close range exposure to high frequency blue light without the need for special glasses or device settings. Like all PRTX products, you’ll get shatterproof performance for a more durable screen protector that still has what it takes to protect your phone on most impacts. You’ll also enjoy PureGuard antimicrobial protection which reduces 99% of bacteria growth on your screen protector surface for the life of your phone. It’s all part of the complete, hassle-free screen protection of PRTX EyeGuard.

Tempered Glass Shatterproof synthetic glass
Edge To Edge Blocks up to 43% of blue light
Anti-Microbial Antimicrobial product protection


• PRTX EyeGuard premium screen protector
• Sanitizing wipe
• Microfiber cleaning cloth
• Easy install frame
• Step-by-step installation instructions
• Free Lifetime Replacements
• 30-Day Return Policy advantage program



When tempered glass screen protectors chip, crack, or break, that’s the protector doing its job and taking the hit so your device doesn’t have to. Over time, though, chips, cracks and shatters can be a nuisance. BodyGuardz solved these problems with a revolutionary new product called PRTX EyeGuard. If you’re tired of broken screen protectors and worried about blue light exposure, this is the ideal protector for you.


• Blocks up to 43% of blue light
• Extra-strong impact and scratch protection engineered not to break
• PureGuard antimicrobial product protection
• Easy, step-by-step installation process
• Perfect touch sensitivity
• Water and smudge resistant
• Case friendly, edge-to-edge coverage
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