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iPhone Xs Cases

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iPhone Xs Cases

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How to Shop for iPhone XS Cases

Whether you go with silver, space grey, or rose gold, shop for a case that looks good and makes the iPhone XS feel like your own. All BodyGuardz cases offer the highest quality phone protection with patented materials technology, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a particular case jumps out as the right one for you. If you’re having trouble making a buying decision, use this curated list to match one of our iPhone XS cases with your device, lifestyle, and phone habits.

Ace Pro® iPhone XS Case

What makes this phone case different from the rest is the lightweight construction and low-profile design. If you want an iPhone XS case that offers some of the strongest case protection on the market while barely noticing it’s there, you want the Ace Pro case. This case uses the same patented, high-tech Unequal® material as our other cases to deliver amazing drop protection and impact resistance.

This case also has its own sense of style. Choose clear for a fully transparent back-plate or choose a color variety with a semi-transparent effect. Either way, the case shows an extra pop of color on the edges of the phone. Also features a soft bumper for protective edges and a raised bezel for extra screen protection.

Harmony™ iPhone XS Case

Do you love the features and price tag of this phone, but wish it had more style? The ombre color options of the Harmony case will add a bold look with unique style to your iPhone XS. We want you to be as excited about the look and feel of your case as you do about the phone itself. Metallic button accents add the perfect touch of class to the overall design.

You may end up choosing the Harmony case for the ombre effect, but this case doesn’t skimp on protective smartphone technologies. It has the same Unequal® technology used in other cases to create best-in-class impact-resistance. The soft bumper protects the edges of the phone and creates a great feel in your hand. The raised bezel and mesh screens offer additional protection for your screen and speakers, respectively.

Shock™ iPhone XS Case

This case doesn’t have a flashy style, but it’s a favorite among those who are looking for a case that feels great in your hand and a seamless smartphone experience. It’s not overly grippy to the point of catching on everything, but this case does provide enough textured feedback on the edges to help prevent drops. A soft TPU material creates a pleasing texture across the phone. You’re simply going to love the feel of the Shock case.

Of course, no phone case is drop-proof. That’s why the Shock case is also outfitted with patented Unequal technology, a composite material used by top athletes for protective body armor. The raised bezel creates an extra layer of protection for your phone screen but is still compatible with most screen protectors.

SlideVue® iPhone XS Case

The finger loop and kickstand strap isn’t just for larger iPhone models. The SlideVue® case is proof of that. This case’s patent-pending strap provides an extra way of carrying your phone and a better way to watch videos on any size display. It’s also great for the gamer who occasionally drops or even knocks their phone out of their own hands. Choose a clear case with a mint or pink strap to feature the natural look of the iPhone XS, or go with the black SlideVue® case for an easy color match.

This case also features a soft TPU bumper that follows the edges of your phone, raised bezel to protect the screen, and patented Unequal® material with the most advanced phone protection technology available on the market today.

Ace Fly™ iPhone XS Case

If you believe a phone case is primarily about protecting your device while letting the design of the iPhone XS shine through, you’ll want to check out the Ace Fly. This clear case follows the curves and edges of your phone with precision. This creates a sleek look and slim profile for a great combination of form, function, and aesthetics. The Ace Fly™ iPhone XS Case also offers premium phone protection technologies including Unequal technology, soft bumper to protect the edges of the phone, and a raised bezel that steps up when the screen needs extra protection. Even with the slim, lightweight design and enhanced protective features, this case is compatible with most screen protectors, including our best-in-class tempered and synthetic glass products. Feel confident in the full-body protection offered with the Ace Fly.

Trainr Pro® iPhone XS Case

If you like to take advantage of your smartphone to super-charge your workout, the Trainr Pro® is for you. The detachable armband will snap in and out of place for easy transition between workout and normal carry mode. You can check your messages or take a photo and then get right back to it. The lightweight design creates a barely there quality that won’t slow you down, while the edges are covered with a protective grip material. A semi-transparent backplate and solid black edges go well with the silver, gray, or rose gold iPhone XS.

Whether it’s on your arm or in your hand, the Trainr Pro also offers our best-in-class protective technologies including the patented Unequal composite padding, the same material used in top athletic body armor.

Shop for iPhone XS Screen Protectors and Other Accessories

Once you’ve picked out a case, it’s time to get an iPhone XS screen protector. While all our cases and screen protectors are compatible with each other, some people prefer to shop for these accessories together. Check out our main page for the iPhone XS. You can also shop cases, screen protectors, and other accessories for all Apple devices as well as other major brands.